Few ideas to start a blog.

outsourcingIf you like to make money online and you do not know where to begin. Consider making money online with a blog. I started this blog and I am just going to add content till this blog gets at least pagerank 4. I have build a online money making blog in 2007. This blog received page rank 4 after 3 months. I have not add that much content to my blogs.  This was good for cool 3000 usd in my paypal.

Start a personal blog:

If you are passionate about a interest you have start a blog about it add content. This is the major issue to offer people useful information what they are looking for. It is always a matter of fact that offering advice is mandatory. Always put your self in the shoes of the guy that is looking for your advice. Or rather if you want to build a strong readership then you can make money with maintaining a blog. If in your case it is a personal blog keep adding content to make it all interesting to your readers. To build a loyal readership you have to add new content constantly and have to do it for years. Snap out of overnight blogging dreams.

Start a travel blog:

There are sites that pays you to travel. If you are on the vacation location you can write the travel stories that you like to share with your readers. If you have a digital camera you can shoot nice pictures of mountains, beaches, jungle, the dessert and so on. I think shooting flowers will be hell of job to do so because it is mad fun to see so many colors. If you like to dive then take your waterproof camera to the underwater reefs. Once you establish page rank 4 then you can accept around 5 usd to 20 usd sometimes 50 usd per review from sites such as Reviewme.com, Inpostlinks.com.

Start a make money online blog:

If you are web savvy then you can offer your expertise in the online money making area and get to build a loyal readership and everybody is willing to pay for your advice. This would be great but it is not easy. You have to gain trust from the readers. If you brand your self as an expert then people you follow you on facebook, and many more social sites. If you have good advice offer it for free on your blog. This will brand you for sure as an expert when customers give out testimonials prospects will be convinced. If you are starting online money making blog offer in each every post how to make money online methods. Offer solutions to the readers this will get your sites ranked in the search engines. Insert the keywords with high search volumes and target the less competitive keywords. Add an image with each post. If you go to Google images you can find lots of pictures.

Start a golf blog:

If you start a golf blog then you can monetize your blog with clickbank products. If you do not have a clickbank account. Clickbank.com click on the link and sign up. If you like to sell golf courses then clickbank is the outcome. Also you can add a proads.com banner on the site of your blog. Also you can add adsense to make money on auto pilot. I think this is quite an outcome to have adsense on this blog. There is nothing I have to do. Once the visitors click on the ads I make money. I think this is a growing process to see big figures. I think it is without a doubt worthwhile.

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