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3 “No Sweat” Tactics that convince the customer to buy

To be exact there are lots of excuses about why people don’t buy. You have probably heard few of them. It is too expensive. That a deal can not go through because it is too good to be true. It deserves no priority at the moment. Customer objections are more easier to overcome then you might imagine. Let’s take a look at 3 simple ways to get rid of those objections.

#1. It Is Too Expensive.

Do not be fooled by the issue why customers do not buy. Because they think they can better deal else where or they think they can get more value for their cash buying else where. Just do not drop the prices because they think it is too expensive. There are ways to get rid of customer objections without losing your profits.

Present your deal like it a better deal. I mean take a careful look at the product you sell. How can you add value? You probably can add a manual. a CD or downloadable book with the information about the product. Let them think they are paying for the value of the goods. That will make the deal seems sweeter.

Consider this…we all expect to spend more when we visit a specialist. Sure, Wal-Mart is a nice spot if you are looking for a generic product. When we want to buy goods from someone who seems to know what they are talking about we head for a market “specialist”…and then we have to pay little more as part of the deal.

How can you become an expert who demands respect? and how can you get slightly higher prices?.

Find niches. Take a look closely and you will discover groups within your market that is special. For example  Businessmen and women, young mothers, retirees so on and so on.

Dig in… a background research and figure out exactly how your products need to be supplied to certain need of the customers.

Reach the customer as someone who has the know-how.  Analyse the sales materials to address the certain needs of each group. Let the prospects know you understand why they want and need. So then you can watch your profits increase.

#2. At this moment I have other priorities.

Yes, obtaining a product seems not too important  until…the deal is too sweet to pass up. Make people get the deal today through setting up a deadline.

What the prospects are saying is actually I can not find any reason to buy today. Make sure you make the deal too good to resist. If you put a deadline it will stimulate the prospects to get the deal today.

#3. The prospect is skeptical, because the deal seems too good to true.

To overcome objections you have to build a relationship based on trust with the customers. Because most of the customers have enough of deals that cost them more than the worth of the good.

If you offer money back guarantees that gets rid of risks of loss. Make sure that you show concern about the satisfaction about the products.

Get testimonials that speaks about the products. The testimonials must ban the fear to buy. Give testimonials that customers have been satisfied in the past.

Answer questions solve the problems that the customers have.


3 Elements That Make Your Ad Successful

What was the last time you bought a car? Are you really in need of a car? I mean really need a car? There is a huge chance that you bought a new car when your ex-ride was still running. I am also a buyer of goods that I really do not need except for water heater for my coffee. I think I am so addicted to buying that I want to feel the feeling of doing a new purchase.

We all enjoy new goods that has been bought by our selves. Then there is the possibility to convince our selves that we need a new one. If we are totally honest we would have been just fine without it. How does this relate to the advertising campaign?

1# Describe The Benefits Of Your Products or Services.

Accentuate that the benefits of the products or services will improve the customers’ lifestyle by buying the products or paying a fee for the services. Is it possible to increase profits by 50%? State this in the opening statement of sales letters you write. Also you can display this at the top of your site.

Do not exaggerate the features of the products itself of your own credibility. It is plain to see that customers do not give a rats ass about that. Let’s admit…Customers are a bit selfish when it comes to waiving with their credit card.. All they are interested in is what is in it for them.

#2 Let The Experience The Benefits Through Paint Word Pictures,

Wake up tomorrow and fire your boss!, Make money even when you sleep!, Make money even when you are on vacation.

If you take lead generation for example there will be the affiliate waiting till the prospect signs up. The affiliate will have to state the benefits and let the prospects know what they are missing if they pass up the offer to sign up. So the affiliate will have to stimulate the prospects to sign up. You can make a slick web page to give the prospects the feeling that they are in good hands.

#3 Stimulate To Immediate Action.

Do not give on the prospects. Offer free bonuses and inspire the prospects to take action. And make sure that you deliver the message that you have this great offer to make their lifestyle easier.
 Set a deadline, You can put pressure to buy right now or they will miss out on the deal. The chance are pretty good that the prospects will act and go buy or sign up with your offer.

Make sure you accentuate the benefits what prospects will experience after buying your products. And you should not focus on the features of the product or the service.


2 sure shot proven methods to convert more customers

The customers are the number one concern when you a marketer. There is the chance that you already read million and one ideas on how to build a relationship, inspire consumer loyalty, retain customers and create a list of potential customers. The main question remains “How do I convert prospects into customers?” The ads created by you are viewed by lots of people out there. And think about the ads and they say, “I should buy…”. They are just waiting to do something about it. You can put them into motion by doing certain things.

  #1 Your offers should improve. Let’s be real no one can pass up the deal that is “too good to resist”. There are are situations that customers are willing to buy your products but want something other than your products little more. That might leave you with a list of “almost sales” which creates the opportunity to convert into sales and profits. Make sure you offer products that the prospects can not resist. I am not suggesting that you should decrease your prices to make it sweeter for the prospects. You can offer bonuses to add more value to the products. Bonuses motivates sales further than the prices. Make sure you get the visitors to your store and they might have to leave the products of the competition alone to get the deal what you offer.

 #2 Follow up What if I told you that you can increase your sales by 50%? It sounds nice right. There is a very simple method that you can implement…..follow ups The prospects do not buy your product by seeing it the first time. Maybe after the third or fourth time seeing it they can decide to buy from you. Do you offer follow ups? It is important that you contact the “almost customers” every month with a new offer. Offer information of the products that the prospects are interested in.

 It does not have to be complicated process. If you keep contact that is a way towards building trust…That is the key to finding life-time customers. In Internet marketing there are a high amount of visitors who browse your site and click away. You are not able to follow up without some contact information. The best is to offer a free e-book or a free report which the customers find interesting. Once you have the contact information you are able to contact the prospects. And then it is up to you to convert these customers.

 Make sure that you offer personal messages rather that “message to the occupant” It is important if you trying to sell a digital product that you have a professional looking website with information and some good testimonials. Describe what the advantages are of the product. If you build an affiliate website focus on one niche per site. Do not put unrelated products on one site.


2 step marketing

If you like to learn marketing in easy two steps then stay tuned.

Do it Right.

I receive postcards frequently and the other day I got a post card and they offered me to buy a copy machine. It had tiny letters all over the card.

It was really hard to read and I threw it a way because it was so hard to read.

Couple of days later I got a postcard with 32 words on it telling me that it was possible for me to get complete information on unrestricted distance telephone service for only 5,5 cents a minute without any additional fee by calling the 800 number on the card.

I did not hesitate to call. I received the information. Had my questions answered right away and I ordered my long distance service changed. The company that offered me this long distance service was utilizing time tested 2 step selling process.

Step 1. Lead generation - Stimulate me to call the 800 number

Step 2.Give the prospects the requested information. This information is given by the sales representatives who was in the position to answer my questions and make me feel sure that I could save quite sum of money on my long distance bill. That the new service is just as good or even better.

What’s So Good About 2 Steps?

It is easy to generate a lead (interest) than it is to get a prospect to convert (a sale).
Generating leads does not mean that you can convert the prospects. You can for sure use postcards to promote your product to the prospects without relatively spending lots of money. This way you can generate leads that you can convert later.

This 2 step procedure also contributes you to make a list of prospects who were interested enough in what you offered to contact you.

You can then consider to recontact the one’s who did not bought from you till they actually buy.

 IMPORTANT: It is important that you get the information there is needed to recontact people.  Once you have generated a lead with the postcards people will call you for more information then there is the chance to convert the prospects. There will be repetitive sales once the prospects contact you for information.

The Most Effective way to get the best out of the postcard lead generation.

The main purpose of the postcard is to get the prospects to contact you for more information. The level of interest will be sufficient for you to convert the prospects.

You are only making people get more interested and not collecting their money yet. That is what the 2 step marketing process is for sure is about. Creating the chance for you to make sales comes through generating interest with information.

Make sure your message consists of 3 vital parts to be effective. 

1. A brief description of the biggest benefits of your service or products.

2. A reason for them to contact you right now

3.A easy method to respond (such as 800 number)

Make sure that your get your point across with a short message. Short messages are more effective than long  ones.

For example:

Call 800-555-1212 for You free of cost report.

What 99% of the small business owners will never know how effective the postcards can be.

Offer ends 5-5-01 (Give the offer 3 weeks to make the lead generation urgent.)

People will respond to find out what they do not know about. They responded at least that is the creation of the opportunity to convert.
This method works for sure and it produce a large amount of inquiries.

Step 2 how this marketing works?

Use this method of posting postcards to prospects to get them interested. Once there are inquiries there is the chance to convert.


2 Little Words That Work Marketing Magic

I would like to introduce to you this classic best-seller “How to win friends and influence people”. In this book Dale Carnegie’s second chapter is entitled The big secret of dealing with people.  The secret exists in the following principle. Give honest and sincere appreciation.

Carnegie stated that there is only one method to get anyone to do anything. That is making that person want to do it. How is it possible to stimulate customers to say positive things about you and offer you referrals? Then you have to offer what the humans are being craving for: That is honesty and sincere appreciation.

The Two Magic Words

The most overlooked and forgotten aspect of dealing with people is the secret simply saying “thank you” consistently. personally and most of all sincerely. These two words work like magic because the customers want to feel important.

Saying “thank you” is an act of your kindness. After all do not say thanks for the sake of flattery. It got to come from your heart.

“Thank You” Promotes Referrals

The issue of uncertainty of referrals can be a headache. Is it possible to generate a predetermined amount of referrals. No. Is it possible to influence them? Absolutely.

The most important issue is that you need to offer valuable product or service for the customers. If you are already doing this you can add more value by showing interest in the customers after the delivery of the product or service.

It is for sure that each and every customer have different level of satisfaction of your products or services. It is that all the customers are satisfied who you say thank you to. This can be an issue which decides if you continue a relationship with the customer to more referrals.

“Thank You” as e-mail or direct mail.

If you in the past never have used any direct mail then consider it. Then start a Thank you correspondence program. If you did use e-mail and direct mail and have not sent thank you letters. Start now.

It is one of the effective methods to say thanks. They know you, you know them. It is personal. It is for sure that you will receive a positive response.

The factor to surprise the customer is big. If the e-mail arrives they can think it is something for them to review. to sign up to or in the worst case a bill. Surprise !

It is good to write a thank you letter or e-mail at any given chance. It is important that you do not send your thank you letter with a invoice or correspondence. Remember to send separately..

How to write a thank you e-mail?

Writing a thank you e-mail is simple but keep the following tips in mind.

1. Keep it short. A half dozen lines (or fewer) are enough.

2. Make it sincere. This is important. If you do not be careful, it can sound awkward, even when you’re trying to be sincere.

3. Start with “thank you.” Dear Ms. Jackson (or first name, if appropriate): Thank you for …

4. Make the tone warm, but professional. Be friendly, but keep it businesslike.

5. Reinforce a positive. Jog their memory of a positive aspect of the relationship.

6. Offer your continued support. If I can help, please call …

7. End with “thank you.” Thanks again for …

8. Use an appropriate closing. Sincerely, Best regards.

9. Make it a pure “thank you,” otherwise sincerity is jeopardized.


How to build an affiliate business.

First of all an affiliate is someone who refers people to other people’s products and gets an percentage of the sale as compensation. This can be quite profitable since there is practically no start up costs or no storage to be held. The best is to create a website with many products on one site. This is more effective than only one or few products on one site. This is easy for customers to shop and this is an easy way for you to advertise one web link instead of 100′s.

#1: Get a html builder. If you do not know coding. Then do not panic you can easily build an website without knowing how to write codes. I think Site Build It can guide you step by step how to set up a website and you will learn how to optimize it for the search engines to get high rankings. If you wonder what the price is of SBI is 299 usd per year. Then you get a domain name and hosting free. If you think that is too much then you can go to Yahoo’s site builder for 144 usd per year.

#2: Choose a niche: If you sell online money making products then you do not want to place consumer electronic products, health products and ads about hand guns on one website. This causes confusion to the prospects. The best is to focus on one topic. If your niche is golf then you can offer clubs, how to guides. You can find related products to golf and offer it on one site. You can brand your self as an expert in niches if you focus one niche per site.

#3 Sign up with affiliate programs: You have to sign up with free site likes Share-A-Sale to find the right type of products to promote on your website. As an affiliate you can make money on different ways such as per lead, per click or per sale. To get the most from your affiliate business you have to sign up with all the three methods of affiliate money making. Also sign up with Clickbank, Commission Junction and Max Bounty.

#4 Add articles to your website: You can write or get free articles. If you write it is better than placing other peoples articles because you have to place a link back to the original content. If you write your own content then you do not have to place a link back to the original content. This means that your visitors have no chance to click through to the original content.

#5 Choose a domain name: When you choose a domain name make sure it is based on the niche you chose.
If your site is about making money online then choose a domain name with the keywords related to the niche and make a list because some can be already taken. Make sure that the domain name is short and it is easy to remember. If your site is about making money online then do not pick your name as the domain name.

#6 Add AdSense to maximize your profits: If you add adsense you can make money with generating page views and clicks. This can be an extra income next to your affiliate sales. The amount of money you can make depends on the amount of traffic you will get. You can sign up for free with Adsense and set it and forget about it.


Free link building software.

If you are an online marketer you know that traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. If you have tried to get traffic from Google then you know that inbound links are very important. If you want to build links I have these free link building tools to present to you.

Free backlink builder #1: It is called Linknabber this site it is an online seo tool. Once you have signed up and placed their link on your site then you can find blogs to comment on with backlink tool. You have to type in a keyword and you will be able to find blogs to comment on. You will be able to find do follow blogs, forums and social bookmarking site.

Free inbound link builder #2: This blog commenting software is called Comment Kahuna. This site can find a limited amount of blogs in the free version and in the paid version are the functional features are more expanded. I think with the free version you can build inbound links as well. It is a great software with user friendly features. The interface is nice looking.

Free link building tool #3: This is a free link building tool called Buzz Stream. You can use the free e-mail tool to find relevant link exchange opportunities. You can extract domain from Url. You can subscribe to this site for a certain fee. I think the e-mail tool to find e-mails is a great opportunity.

Free link building opportunity #4: This is the link of the site called SEO BOOK. This is a great knowledge base to explore everything to gain knowledge around the topic called inbound link building. There are many tools free and paid you can use to build links. You can watch free videos on how to build links. You can use the keyword tool to find keywords and you will learn what off page optimization is and many other topics are covered. You can use the Hub finder to build links.

Free inbound link builder #5: This is a free software of SEO SUITE. This is a site which offers free link building software and a paid one. If you like to build links fast then give it a try. It works. This is one of the tools I use to build links. This way you can build easy links. The paid software offers more than the limited version considering the fact the amount of links you can build.

These free tools will help you to build inbound links and generate sales or clicks if you are looking for targeted traffic then you have to build links to get your site ranked high in the search engines.

A keyboard with a green key reading Make Money

How to make money online with creating blogs

If you like to make money online then you can consider making money with free blogs. This can only be effective if you build a virtual real estate with these blogs. If you like to make blogs then you can sign up for free with

How to create a virtual real estate empire with

First of all you need about 10 email addresses. If you sign up with then build 10 blogs per account. This is needed because it is saver to use 10 different e-mail addresses for 100 blogs. Otherwise can take your blogs offline if you have 100 blogs on the same account.

How to pick domain names?

Lets say you have 10 niches where you like to build blogs around. So focus on one niche per account. Let’s assume you have a niche called make money online. Choose make money online in the domain name. I think you have to be a little creative when you are choosing a domain name. Once you have domain names focus on pretty templates

How to add content to blogs?

If you place 10 posts per blog can be effective and the search engines loves original content. If you do not have the time to write the content the you can find articles in the article directories by searching. And if you find content place a link back to where the original content is featured. I think you also can find an autoblogging software and get free content on auto pilot.

How to monetize your blogs?

You can sign up with to display text link ads. This can make you a great amount of money depending on the traffic your blogs generate. Also you can sign up with Click bank pro ads and get instant approval. They have great banners to you can display on your blogs. These banners display Clickbank ads. Once you generated a sale you can make commission.

How to optimize your blogs?

As you might know off page optimization is very important. I think building links back to your blogs is important. You can do directory submission, article submission and blog commenting. Or you can participate in forum discussions and do not forget to place a link in the signature.

I can say for sure this is not a get quick rich scheme you have to build inbound links to get ranked in the search engine and there is the chance that Google snatch your blogs when you add more than 10 blogs per account. So be careful.


6 tips to build inbound links.

I think if you build a website then your intentions might be to build a presence online to sell products. This can be building a blog or a website to sell for example Amazon products. To start can be easy but to maintain your website or blog you need determination to accomplish a search engine optimization mission.
This is having a search engine campaign to get targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Off page search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods to build inbound links. This task of building quality links is not completed before you have links coming in from authority websites or blogs. I think commenting is one of the easy ways to build inbound links.

 Here below you can find 6 tips to build inbound links.

1] If you want other website owners or blog owners to link to your website or blog then create quality content which is educational or entertaining. When readers find your site interesting they can choose to link to yours.

2] Get social: If you want to brand your self as an expert in a certain field you can socialize with other like minded people and build a following base. If you can create accounts with important social media sites and make a name for your self by sharing content in the communities.

3] Write for authority websites: This is adding content to authority blogs as a guest. If you like to make money online with Adsense and you like to share your knowledge then sign up with

4] Write for authority blogs: If you want to build links with link juice then commenting on .edu blogs is a great way to build links. If you write guest posts then you can get a flood of traffic and build a readership.

5] If you are into local business make a list of local business that would like to link to your website. This way you can get some weight when it comes to links.

6] You can make Youtube videos and submit also to other video sites to get more exposure. This is a great method to build inbound links through having links in the description that point to websites or blogs.

The best is to use all of the above mentioned tips and put it into practice. This means that you can get the most if you put the proper effort into the search engine optimization campaign. You also can write articles to build back links.


How to make 1000 usd per month online.

1] If you like to write and there is no chance you get struck by a writer’s block. And then you can make 1000 usd per month with writing 333 articles. There is a site called If you like to make 2000 usd per month with writing 666. This is a great site you also can sell affiliate products.

2] Make websites and place Google ads on it. I made hundred dollars with this method there is another 16 dollars and it is growing. If you want to make serious money then you have to buy a good domain name, quality content and traffic pulling link bait to get the targeted traffic.

3] Sell your own e-book: The best to go to e-bay and sell your e-book there. If you publish your book with a publishing company there is less chance than making 1000 usd per month with You can sell articles too.

5] Start an authority content blog: If you can buy a high pr domain name with traffic and add content frequently and write reviews you can make 1000 usd for sure in one month. I have made thousands of dollars this way. I started with a free domain and then I had my blog hosted on with a custom domain. I also made money with Adsense and affiliate products through blogs that I own.

6] Make Youtube videos If you have a video camera utilize this by making videos for Youtube you can make money by partnering with Youtube. There are people making big money with this method. There are videos with millions of page views per day. There is the potential to make money by creating funny videos this is the most popular on Youtube.

7] Start an e-bay business: There are millions of people logging everyday into the site of e-bay. There is the chance that a well marketed product has the potential to be bought by millions of people. I think e-bay is a great place to make money online.

The best is to create more than one income stream by creating multiple business and putting in the proper effort to make more than 1000 usd per month. I can recommend you to start a blog and make money with reviews first. I think even if you sign up with e-how you can make 1000 usd after you write 333 articles. I think this is a huge amount if you have to write it. I think you can gain more profit with those articles if you place it on a blog.