How to promote your websites for free online.

make money online picture threeIt is for sure not a myth that you can find plenty of resources to promote your site or blog. There are also paid possibilities but if you can get it for free then you do not have to pay.  There are ways to make your sites and blogs standout from the rest. You can mix conventional off line methods with new media. There are many options you can choose from. It is the best to have a combination of these methods to get traffic that leads to many conversions.

Search engine optimization and directory submission: If you have a blog and you like to make money online with this blog. Then keep in mind that you get nowhere without traffic. Then you can submit your blogs into the search engines manually or with a software. The directories are good to get ranked in the search engines. These search engines rank blogs with a certain value and this depends on how much backlinks you have and how good your content is. If your content is useful to the readers and you make their life easier with all the informational resources you offer on your blogs or websites you can make money online without a doubt in a certain period of time with your sites or blogs.

Write quality content: If you do the on page optimization with the targeted keywords and keep the right amount of keywords in the content you can make money with blogs or websites. Keep also in mind that content is king. You can get lots of traffic to your blogs or sites with adding constant stream of content. I think if you make adding content a daily habit to your blogs then your blogs will get the traffic in due time. It is quite important to have useful content featured on your blogs or sites. This will gain visitors trust and they will keep coming back for more helpful information.

Get free content from article directories: If you have to build websites then you can find articles in the royalty free content sites. Only thing you have to do is place a link back to the original post. You also can write an article and rewrite it with a software to send to article directories to get more traffic from the search engines and directories. The issue with duplicate content is that it has less value in the search engine rankings. If you find articles then rewrite it with a software. This is a great outcome if you want to build websites that convert like crazy. Either you buy a software that makes it easy to build websites in minutes or you add manually.

Use free website analyzers: There are plenty of free tools to get an idea how your websites and blogs perform. If you want to know about how it ranks in the search engine of Google. Then do an analysis with the free tools online. If you want to know how much backlinks the sites and blogs have then you can analyze that. If you like to optimize your blogs and sites for certain keywords then it is a piece of cake with the Google keyword tool. If you like to know about the keyword density then do an analysis. Having the right tools make it all easy to make it big with your sites and blogs.

Use a blog commenter to build backlinks: This is a great method to make your sites and blogs visible to the readers. If you have a software to comment on blogs then this will take a load off your back to make it the process of link building less time consuming. Without a proper software it will take lots of time to build backlinks. The amount of traffic you can get depends on the traffic volume of the blogs you comment on. There is a feature in most of the blog commenting software to find out about the pagerank of the blogs to comment on. Pick blogs with pagerank above 4 and write relevant comments. It must be interesting to read and must be a stimulation to click through to your blogs.

Use these free tips to make your site visible in the search engines. The best things comes for free they say.

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