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3 Elements That Make Your Ad Successful

What was the last time you bought a car? Are you really in need of a car? I mean really need a car? There is a huge chance that you bought a new car when your ex-ride was still running. I am also a buyer of goods that I really do not need except for water heater for my coffee. I think I am so addicted to buying that I want to feel the feeling of doing a new purchase.

We all enjoy new goods that has been bought by our selves. Then there is the possibility to convince our selves that we need a new one. If we are totally honest we would have been just fine without it. How does this relate to the advertising campaign?

1# Describe The Benefits Of Your Products or Services.

Accentuate that the benefits of the products or services will improve the customers’ lifestyle by buying the products or paying a fee for the services. Is it possible to increase profits by 50%? State this in the opening statement of sales letters you write. Also you can display this at the top of your site.

Do not exaggerate the features of the products itself of your own credibility. It is plain to see that customers do not give a rats ass about that. Let’s admit…Customers are a bit selfish when it comes to waiving with their credit card.. All they are interested in is what is in it for them.

#2 Let The Experience The Benefits Through Paint Word Pictures,

Wake up tomorrow and fire your boss!, Make money even when you sleep!, Make money even when you are on vacation.

If you take lead generation for example there will be the affiliate waiting till the prospect signs up. The affiliate will have to state the benefits and let the prospects know what they are missing if they pass up the offer to sign up. So the affiliate will have to stimulate the prospects to sign up. You can make a slick web page to give the prospects the feeling that they are in good hands.

#3 Stimulate To Immediate Action.

Do not give on the prospects. Offer free bonuses and inspire the prospects to take action. And make sure that you deliver the message that you have this great offer to make their lifestyle easier.
 Set a deadline, You can put pressure to buy right now or they will miss out on the deal. The chance are pretty good that the prospects will act and go buy or sign up with your offer.

Make sure you accentuate the benefits what prospects will experience after buying your products. And you should not focus on the features of the product or the service.