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How to start a store for e-books.

There are many options if you like to make money online. One of the profitable ways to make money online is selling e-books. Everyday there are people looking for information on various topics. They are buying e-books to learn from or for amusement purposes. If you want to sell e-books you can write it your self or you can sell other peoples e-books.

How to start an e-book store.

Step 1. Pick a domain name. You can buy a domain name for cheap online. When you pick a domain name make sure that the domain name includes the keywords ‘e-book store’. This will help you rank for the keywords e-book store. If you use a micro niche to offer dieting e-books for sale then use the keywords which includes in the domain name.

Step 2. Pick a web hosting company. There are many options available online when it comes to web hosting companies. These web hosting companies offer very important tools to manage your e-book store sites. Many companies offer you the possibilities to open stores. Keep the bandwidth in mind because there can be extra costs when people start to download your e-books very fast. You also better do business with a web hosting company which offers payment processing.

Step 3. You must decide what types of e-books you like to sell. There are no legal issues if  you are going to sell your own e-books. If you are going to sell other peoples e-books you have to sign some sort of agreement. There are rules when it comes to downloading and passing around the e-books. If you sign a contract with the creator of the e-books. This will prevent that people can not download the more than the predetermined amount.

Step 4. You can set a payment processor to make the buyers pay you for the purchase. This will allow you to accept multiple payments for multiple downloads. You can also offer immediate downloads or offer downloads per e-mail. The payment processor should handle the payments and download without any involvement of you. You can use Clickbank or Paypal to handle the payment processing.

Step 5. If you think setting up your own e-book store is horrifying. Then you can partner with a distributor. The task of setting up payment processors and Digital Rights Management will be take care of.  If you like to partner with a distributor you can save lots of effort and you will have access to many tools and links and banners. If you go into business with one distributor it will restrict your selection of e-books. Once you make money with selling e-books you can build your own store.