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4 Methods to make money online without a website.

If you think about making money online then it is for sure an undefeated matter in the blogsphere to consider when you want to make money online. People like to know when they are searching the web for useful information about making money online fast how to make money online fast. Many are promoting affiliate products and other promote any type of product you think of. When you start it is wise to have some amount of money to invest. If you are looking for a way to start making money without a website. Check the 4 methods below.
1] Youtube videos:
You can make youtube videos and place ads on the videos or place a link in the description for visitors to clickthrough. Youtube is a great tool to get more leads for your business online or offline. There is the possibility to make money online without selling that is generating targeted traffic through youtube videos and getting leads.
2] Write articles:
If you are new online then you might not be familiar with content creation and making money online with writing articles for freelance sites and blogs. There is good money involved in content creation. If you write 333 articles you can make 1000 usd online with I think it is not my thing to write for freelance sites. I have made 3000 usd with blogging alone. I still make money with blogging and that is a great way to make money online without selling.
3] Start a blog:
I already mentioned how much I made with blogging. This is a great way to make money. The key is the adding creation part. This is very significant because this is the lifeblood of getting traffic. To get backlinks and free traffic from the search engines you can optimize a blog for certain keywords. There is the way to get traffic through social bookmarking and directory submission for example. I have this blog with short 50 words post it has generated 19000 plus pageviews. 
4] Get a free Forex account:
I would like to introduce you this site called This site is recruiting affiliates and customers to sign up for a free Forex account with 100 usd free bonus. This site will be launched in the near future. This site has trading experts. They trade for you I made 67 usd with this site and made 1640 usd bonus and 430 usd monthly affiliate commissions.