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How to make 1000 usd per month online.

1] If you like to write and there is no chance you get struck by a writer’s block. And then you can make 1000 usd per month with writing 333 articles. There is a site called If you like to make 2000 usd per month with writing 666. This is a great site you also can sell affiliate products.

2] Make websites and place Google ads on it. I made hundred dollars with this method there is another 16 dollars and it is growing. If you want to make serious money then you have to buy a good domain name, quality content and traffic pulling link bait to get the targeted traffic.

3] Sell your own e-book: The best to go to e-bay and sell your e-book there. If you publish your book with a publishing company there is less chance than making 1000 usd per month with You can sell articles too.

5] Start an authority content blog: If you can buy a high pr domain name with traffic and add content frequently and write reviews you can make 1000 usd for sure in one month. I have made thousands of dollars this way. I started with a free domain and then I had my blog hosted on with a custom domain. I also made money with Adsense and affiliate products through blogs that I own.

6] Make Youtube videos If you have a video camera utilize this by making videos for Youtube you can make money by partnering with Youtube. There are people making big money with this method. There are videos with millions of page views per day. There is the potential to make money by creating funny videos this is the most popular on Youtube.

7] Start an e-bay business: There are millions of people logging everyday into the site of e-bay. There is the chance that a well marketed product has the potential to be bought by millions of people. I think e-bay is a great place to make money online.

The best is to create more than one income stream by creating multiple business and putting in the proper effort to make more than 1000 usd per month. I can recommend you to start a blog and make money with reviews first. I think even if you sign up with e-how you can make 1000 usd after you write 333 articles. I think this is a huge amount if you have to write it. I think you can gain more profit with those articles if you place it on a blog.