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How to make money online with CPA offers.

There are so many possibilities when you can choose from to make money online. I have made 3000 USD yet with CPA offers. If you are interested in starting an online money making system then consider making money with CPA offers. CPA stand for cost per action. I think this is a great way to make money online with free traffic. There is the possibility to sign up with a CPA offers sites and generate traffic to the landing page and make money with free traffic.
How to drive traffic to a CPA offer, Where to find CPA offers, What CPA offers you can promote to make the most. 
Where to find CPA offers: If you are looking for CPA offers you can go to, and All these sites have a large numbers of offers. I pick the offers where the visitors enter their e-mail and I get paid around 1,75 usd per e-mail. This is a way to make lots of money but I personally see it as one of my income streams. The site called has around 500 offers you can choose from. 
What offers you can choose from to generate money online.
Freebie offers: There are sites paying 3 usd for sending traffic to sign up page and getting the e-mail and the address from the visitor to receive a free sample of what ever.Click this link free-trial-affiliate-offers this link takes you to the freebie offers and there are major amounts of offers to choose from. 
Dating offers: When you think of making money online as a dating affiliate then you can sign up for  and generate traffic dating-affiliate-programs for free or with pay per click. There are leads for 25 usd and around 6 usd on an average I think you should take a look for your self. 
How to drive free traffic to a CPA offer?
Article marketing: This is writing quality content that is really make the lives easier by offering your product you promote to convert. There must be links included in the article body and do not place and links in the head of the body text. Then the article directories reject your article. You can use the free Google Keyword tool to find the keywords to optimize your site for. 
Social bookmarking: This is submitting your cpa offers links to the social bookmarking sites to get traffic to cpa offers. This is Facebook, Twitter and Digg can bring you a large amount of traffic in a long term. 
You can write text ads and place on classified ad sites like There are huge amount of users daily browsing the classified ad sites to buy and the smart people like affiliates can get huge amount of traffic from the classified ad sites.

How to make money with CPA offers.

If you are looking for a new way to make money online then I have to recommend this post on how to make money with CPA(cost per action). This post will show you how to pick CPA offers to promote. This is great  because you can get started without a website. You can make money by getting people to sign up for a free dating account or for an insurance quote.

In this tutorial you will learn the following. 

Where to find the CPA offers.
What CPA offers you can promote.
How to drive traffic to a CPA offer.

I have some CPA networks you can use these are all free to join and you can get paid on time. They have been around for a while. I can advise you to sign up to all of them and pick the offers you like the most. They are high paying companies. : This site has around 600 offers. : This site has around 500 offers.

What CPA offers can I promote?

If you sign up with the above mentioned sites the possibilities are endless. Below you can find other categories to give you a idea what type of offers you have to promote to get paid.

Dating CPA offer: This is when you get paid once a user signs up for free to a dating account. There are more than 150 dating CPA offers.

Freebie CPA offers: There are more than 400 different freebie CPA offers you can promote. There are sites paying 3 usd when a user you send sign up for a free. I think it is matter of picking the right offers.

If you want free traffic to a CPA offer:

Social bookmark: Once you have picked a CPA offer to promote then you can social bookmark the offers to drive free traffic.

Write articles: If you can write articles and submit it to article directories you can get free traffic.

Post on Craigslist: If you have CPA offers to promote write ads and post to classified ad sites like Craigslist.

How to get paid traffic to a CPA offer. If you have a budget then set the daily budget to 10 usd per day. And pick the right keywords to target. I recommend that you do some research about advertising with Adsense or Yahoo. I think bidding on cheap keywords would help.