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6 simple tips to rank high on the search engine Google.

If you like to make money online then you know that making money depends on how much targeted traffic you can get. If you start out then you might have a budget to spend or no budget at all. Google gives out page one rankings based on complicated algorithms. If you want free traffic from Google you got to feed the search engine with unique content. There are experts working long hours to make the search engine of Google very sufficient.

Blackhat strategies: There are plenty webmasters try to fool Google with their black hat strategies but Google do not buy it they fight these activities all the way. If you like to make money online then you have to go with white hat strategies because it will get you on the long run if you overdo the search engine optimization activities.

Google is striving to deliver the best search results that can be offered. If these search pages are not accurate Google will miss out on 30 billion advertising revenue. There are sites such as Facebook and the rumors are that Facebook is building a search engine. If Google does not continue to sharp their methods they might loose terrain.

Google loves unique content: If you can produce unique content then Google will love your site or blog. If you can write useful content to the readers and you do not violate the rules of Google then Google will rank your site or blog high in the search engines. This way you can create great amount of backlinks to your sites. Then you can do off site optimization to maintain higher rankings.

Off page optimization: This is a issue that must not be slept on. There is a 80% of the effectiveness can be counted when it comes to off page optimization or link building. If you can build links back to your site then there is also the chance to high in the search engines.

Link building: If you build backlinks you can rank higher in the search engines. The backlinks can be seen as votes. If you get lots of backlinks then your traffic will increase, but not all the backlinks weight the same.

Here are 6 tips for link building:

Tip 1. Competitor analysis:  In case you do not get much links back from major sites and you can do it in another way. First find about your competition and then you might want to repeat what the competition is doing. If you can match and exceed with building links then you have the chance to stand out from the crowd in the search engine.

Tip 2. Content and more content. If you can add well optimized content with keywords then you can get more backlinks. People are willing to link to your site if you at least add 2 times per week new content. I think more is better. If you make a keyword list that you want to targeted to get traffic then you can also get higher rankings through using the right keywords.

Tip 3. Guest blogging: If you want your blog content out there then you can post an article on another already established blog. This means a broader audience can read your content and they know how to find your blog in the future.

Tip 4. Join social media: If you want to build quality links then you have to use sites as Digg, Stumbleupon, or Facebook. If you social bookmark your posts then you can get additional traffic from the social media. Also you can build Squidoo lenses and add videos and images to make an authority site.

Tip 5. Give testimonials: If you can give your testimonials to other vendors you can include a link back to your site then you can build relevant backlinks.

Tip 6.Build links with your network: If you can get people you know to link to your site you are on the right track. You can ask your family, friends, link exchange sites to get more backlinks.