How to make money with CPA offers.

If you are looking for a new way to make money online then I have to recommend this post on how to make money with CPA(cost per action). This post will show you how to pick CPA offers to promote. This is great  because you can get started without a website. You can make money by getting people to sign up for a free dating account or for an insurance quote.

In this tutorial you will learn the following. 

Where to find the CPA offers.
What CPA offers you can promote.
How to drive traffic to a CPA offer.

I have some CPA networks you can use these are all free to join and you can get paid on time. They have been around for a while. I can advise you to sign up to all of them and pick the offers you like the most. They are high paying companies. : This site has around 600 offers. : This site has around 500 offers.

What CPA offers can I promote?

If you sign up with the above mentioned sites the possibilities are endless. Below you can find other categories to give you a idea what type of offers you have to promote to get paid.

Dating CPA offer: This is when you get paid once a user signs up for free to a dating account. There are more than 150 dating CPA offers.

Freebie CPA offers: There are more than 400 different freebie CPA offers you can promote. There are sites paying 3 usd when a user you send sign up for a free. I think it is matter of picking the right offers.

If you want free traffic to a CPA offer:

Social bookmark: Once you have picked a CPA offer to promote then you can social bookmark the offers to drive free traffic.

Write articles: If you can write articles and submit it to article directories you can get free traffic.

Post on Craigslist: If you have CPA offers to promote write ads and post to classified ad sites like Craigslist.

How to get paid traffic to a CPA offer. If you have a budget then set the daily budget to 10 usd per day. And pick the right keywords to target. I recommend that you do some research about advertising with Adsense or Yahoo. I think bidding on cheap keywords would help.

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  1. Nick Morty

    Hi guys,

    I’ve had more than 4 years experience in the CPA industry. I run with Neverblue,, NDemand Affiliates, One Better Network, Affiliate Trading, Matomy,…. and now Adslead. I cannot say enough about these network but I can share a few of my experiences on these networks to all my friends in our great industry.

    Here are a few of my experiences on these networks:

    Adslead: This is an excellent affiliate network, I love it very much! They are always payments on time even before time. They have a tons of offer that have the best payout rates and great speedy approval. The tracking is excellent and in real time. I like the way my Affiliate manager Tonny do business whenever i have problems he is always there to help. Finally, offers, payout, tracking and support … All in ONE word “IT’S AWESOME”. If your looking for a trustworthy CPA network you can rely on I would definitely recommend checking them out.
    Join Adslead by following my referral link:

    Affiliate Trading: This is one of the best network I ever try. I have been working with this network when they are established. I have done with Affiliate Trading over $ 150,000 in 2013. They always pay me on time. They have a great variety of offers which are high converting offers. Jason and Marley are two great managers.They are professional and helpfull. They are always there to help me earn more money. I really love this network and I’ll show you if you want to work with them. I highly recommend working with them.
    If you want to work with this network, you can register with my referral link below and you will be approved.
    Join Affiliate Trading Here:

    Neverblue:This is my favorite Affiliate Marketing Programs. The payout is great, always payment on time and never late! They have offers with high converting rate. But they are very difficult in review and approval for new publishers. You will need to have more than 4 years of experience if you want to work with this network. I am specially thankful to my Manager Iris Wan for her excellent support.
    Join Neverblue with this link: My experience with is absolutely amazing. They have great offers, High Payouts, perfect support and great AM. I always get paid out on time.
    I’m highly recommend this network.
    If you need to join, you can click here:

    Matomy: They have a lot of great offers, but they are very difficult in the approval the offers you want to promote. Offers are converting well and good payout. If you want to work with this network, you can register under my referral below and you will be approved.

    1st Class CPA: They will close your account if they picked up some suspicious activity from you. You will not get your money. In addition, the offers of this network is very poor and the converting rate is low.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

    Nick Morty

  2. Mary

    I would recommend Global Matrix Media for CPA Network you can trust. All I can say is that Global Matrix sends payment on time. I have been an affiliate for more than 3 months now and they never fail to send payment on time. Very highly recommended!


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