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How to get more traffic with e-mail marketing.

If you are trying to get traffic to your blog or site then try e-mail marketing. This is quite effective if you like to get flood of traffic to your blog or site. It is measurable and trusted because it can get your traffic through getting your content out there.

The known thing about e-mail marketing is that it can be seen as spam. You always got to make the people submit their e-mail address into the leads capture page when you give something for free. I think the best to build an e-mail list is when you give an e-book for free to the readers. I think this is the most effective method to build a loyal readership or get targeted traffic to your blog.

Growing an e-mail list is not easy but you can buy data but it can be not that effective because people did not submit their information into the lead capture page. This means that they are not that interested in the e-mails. Unless you buy your data from a trusted source . You can send them e-mails to drop by to your website or blog. If you got the e-mail list from a trusted source then you do not have to worry about it is not submitted into the lead capture pages without they wanting it.

Once you have a list you need content to fill the e-mails with. Use content from your blog. Make people get interested about your blog or the product you are promoting. Me personally think that it is more ethical to send the prospects, who are on your e-mail list to a website in case you are promoting a product on your website. I hate when I get a short type of e-mails with “Check this out” and an ugly affiliate link that leads to an affiliate site of the merchants.

Finding an e-mail provider.

I found this great website called This site offers a huge e-mail list. To be exact 81 million recipients and this can be quite effective. It is wise not to spam the e-mail recipients but inform them regularly about what you have to offer. You can send newsletters and be descriptive about the site you promote or the blog you wish to get traffic to. You can send 81 million e-mails monthly.

Just imagine you can monthly get your word out about your products or blogs in an instance. It sound like too good to be true, right? Well it is really real.