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How to make an affiliate website, Step by Step.

As you might know the possibilities are numerous when it comes to making money online. For instance you can make money filling out surveys. This is one of the options. If you like to build a passive income online then you can make money with affiliate marketing.

If you like to make money online with affiliate marketing it is ethical as the intermediate between the merchant and the customer to have a website build around a niche. The best is to find a profitable niche and do the needed keyword research to optimize the site for.

What is a niche?

Niche is a segment which you focus on to sell your products to the certain part of the Internet users looking for that special part of the market for items.

Examples of niches: Golf, electronic goods, health products, skin care products, digital goods.

You can narrow down the niches and go specialize in golf clubs only, if you narrow down the niche of health products you can go sell drugs like slimming products. If you narrow down the niche of skin care products then you can sell cremes, lotions and oils and so on.

Finding a niche.

There 3 main factors to consider when you getting into a niche.

1. When you are looking for a niche consider your interests and expertise.

To save time and effort of researching you can get into a field which has your interest to help you to keep the long term focus. It is better than getting into a niche which has no interest of your side. Once you have some expertise about a topic you can gain credibility by sharing useful tips with your prospects. This can be seen as promotion to get the word about your affiliate website.

2. Check out the competition.

It is better to focus on micro niches because highly competitive niches are hard to make  an income with. Micro niches unlike macro niches are less competitive and there are the possibilities to make money online with. The affiliate marketing is not a easy task you got to work a steady flow to make money so it can take some burden and financial risks off your back if you choose a less competitive micro niche.

3. You got to research if the niche is profitable and if there is a demand?

You do not want to build an affiliate website if there is nobody is searching for that niche. If you want to get a head of the competition then you got to research if there is a demand. You can use micro niche finder. This software if not for free. I think finding a niche with less competition is the best policy.