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3 “No Sweat” Tactics that convince the customer to buy

To be exact there are lots of excuses about why people don’t buy. You have probably heard few of them. It is too expensive. That a deal can not go through because it is too good to be true. It deserves no priority at the moment. Customer objections are more easier to overcome then you might imagine. Let’s take a look at 3 simple ways to get rid of those objections.

#1. It Is Too Expensive.

Do not be fooled by the issue why customers do not buy. Because they think they can better deal else where or they think they can get more value for their cash buying else where. Just do not drop the prices because they think it is too expensive. There are ways to get rid of customer objections without losing your profits.

Present your deal like it a better deal. I mean take a careful look at the product you sell. How can you add value? You probably can add a manual. a CD or downloadable book with the information about the product. Let them think they are paying for the value of the goods. That will make the deal seems sweeter.

Consider this…we all expect to spend more when we visit a specialist. Sure, Wal-Mart is a nice spot if you are looking for a generic product. When we want to buy goods from someone who seems to know what they are talking about we head for a market “specialist”…and then we have to pay little more as part of the deal.

How can you become an expert who demands respect? and how can you get slightly higher prices?.

Find niches. Take a look closely and you will discover groups within your market that is special. For example  Businessmen and women, young mothers, retirees so on and so on.

Dig in… a background research and figure out exactly how your products need to be supplied to certain need of the customers.

Reach the customer as someone who has the know-how.  Analyse the sales materials to address the certain needs of each group. Let the prospects know you understand why they want and need. So then you can watch your profits increase.

#2. At this moment I have other priorities.

Yes, obtaining a product seems not too important  until…the deal is too sweet to pass up. Make people get the deal today through setting up a deadline.

What the prospects are saying is actually I can not find any reason to buy today. Make sure you make the deal too good to resist. If you put a deadline it will stimulate the prospects to get the deal today.

#3. The prospect is skeptical, because the deal seems too good to true.

To overcome objections you have to build a relationship based on trust with the customers. Because most of the customers have enough of deals that cost them more than the worth of the good.

If you offer money back guarantees that gets rid of risks of loss. Make sure that you show concern about the satisfaction about the products.

Get testimonials that speaks about the products. The testimonials must ban the fear to buy. Give testimonials that customers have been satisfied in the past.

Answer questions solve the problems that the customers have.