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How to start a blog for free.

Back in 2007 I had never heard of a wonderful thing called making money online. We got Internet at my parents home in 1997 but I never felt a bond with a computer to surf. In contrary to these days. I do lots of things with a computer nowadays. Also when I started blogging in 2007 I started with 0 investments. Within 3 months I had made 100′s of dollars. If you have no money to invest in making money online read this post about how to start a blog for free to make money online.
How to start a blog?
 You can get a free blog in an instance. If you go to There you can make a blog in easy three steps. Once this is done you can add content and sign up with sites that pays you to publish ads on your blog. You can sign up with this site called There are plenty choice when you google the words ad publisher networks.
How to pick a blog topic to blog about?
If you want to build an authority blog with quality content then you must pick a topic where your interests lay. For an instance you are savvy with Internet marketing then write articles with catchy titles then blog will generate blog traffic for free. Then optimize your domain name with the main keywords. For example pick a domain name with Internet marketing in it. If you are going to buy a domain name with Internet marketing in it could be a long domain name.
How to build free backlinks to a blog?
If you write articles and submit to article directories you can gain free traffic through the search engines. You can submit your blog to blog directories and also you can comment on blogs and when you comment on blogs get a software there are functions in software that indicates the page ranks of blogs. This way you can pick some high pr blogs and comment on these blogs. Or you just can google the keywords “list of high page rank blogs to comment on”. There is also a way to free traffic is to buy a software that takes work out of your hands when it comes to social bookmarking. 
How to find keywords to optimize your blog for?
You can find keywords for a blogs to optimize a blog for with keyword research. You can use the keyword tool. If your blog is about making money online then you can type in the main keyword in the keyword box then the software automatically generates the keywords list which you can optimize your blog for enter these keywords in the articles and use these as titles. You also can find keywords to optimize your blog for through going to and typing the main keywords in search engine and at the bottom of the page you can find the related keywords.

4 Methods to make money online without a website.

If you think about making money online then it is for sure an undefeated matter in the blogsphere to consider when you want to make money online. People like to know when they are searching the web for useful information about making money online fast how to make money online fast. Many are promoting affiliate products and other promote any type of product you think of. When you start it is wise to have some amount of money to invest. If you are looking for a way to start making money without a website. Check the 4 methods below.
1] Youtube videos:
You can make youtube videos and place ads on the videos or place a link in the description for visitors to clickthrough. Youtube is a great tool to get more leads for your business online or offline. There is the possibility to make money online without selling that is generating targeted traffic through youtube videos and getting leads.
2] Write articles:
If you are new online then you might not be familiar with content creation and making money online with writing articles for freelance sites and blogs. There is good money involved in content creation. If you write 333 articles you can make 1000 usd online with I think it is not my thing to write for freelance sites. I have made 3000 usd with blogging alone. I still make money with blogging and that is a great way to make money online without selling.
3] Start a blog:
I already mentioned how much I made with blogging. This is a great way to make money. The key is the adding creation part. This is very significant because this is the lifeblood of getting traffic. To get backlinks and free traffic from the search engines you can optimize a blog for certain keywords. There is the way to get traffic through social bookmarking and directory submission for example. I have this blog with short 50 words post it has generated 19000 plus pageviews. 
4] Get a free Forex account:
I would like to introduce you this site called This site is recruiting affiliates and customers to sign up for a free Forex account with 100 usd free bonus. This site will be launched in the near future. This site has trading experts. They trade for you I made 67 usd with this site and made 1640 usd bonus and 430 usd monthly affiliate commissions. 

How to make 1000 usd per month online.

If you like to make money online then I have put together a list that you can use to make money online. There is the option to write for a site like You can make money blogging. You can make money with adsense. You can make money with pay per click and there is more. If you like to make money online then you can sell your own written e-books and much more.
1] If you like to make money online then you can write 333 articles to make 1000 usd per month. This site called is a site which you can work for to make 1000 usd per month. If you write 666 articles then you can make 2000 usd per month.
2] Another way to make money online with is making websites and placing adsense ads on it. If you like to go professional buy a domain name and add quality content and do not forget to place traffic pulling link bait to get targeted traffic.
3] Sell e-books. If you have an interest of in any topic you are familiar with then you can make 1000 usd per month with writing e-books you can sell on If you work with a private publishing company then you can not make a 1000 usd per month like with e-bay.
4] An authority content blog is one of the options. The best is to buy an already established domain name with traffic. And add quality content to the blogs. When your blog gets accepted to marketplaces of review sites you can for sure make 1000 usd per month online. I started with a free blog and later on I have bought two custom domains and had it hosted on Google server. I have made 3000 usd with two blogs in 3 months. I made money with Adsense and affiliate products.
5] Make youtube videos there are videos with million pageviews per day. Those are most funny videos. You can make money by partnering with 
6] Start an e-bay business. There are millions of people everyday logging into this site called e-bay to buy new products they like. This can be e-books, electronics or anything you can imagine. I think if you like to sell mobile phones then you can get an e-bay account.

How to find longtail keywords?

To generate much traffic you need a set of long tail keywords to optimize your content for. You can enter these keywords into the title or in the content. There is the tool called Google Keyword tool to find relevant keywords phrases to optimize your content for. If you decide to start a online money making blog then you need to enter “make money online” into the Google Keyword tool. The tool will generate the relevant keywords.
Before we continue we need to understand what keyword research is. It is using a keyword tool to find out which keywords rank higher in the search engines. When the visitor want to find information about making money online then they will enter the main keywords in the search engines. 
Here are 3 kinds of different keyword types.

1] The “head”: These are keywords that has to do with big brand names like Google, Wikipedia or Coca-Cola. It is pure non sense to optimize a site for these keywords. Only these sites rank high in the search engines for these “head” keywords. 
2] The “body”: These are keywords that form a specific search terms with 2 or 3 words. Like Internet marketing, funny Youtube videos or Internet marketing strategies. 
3] The “tail”: These are long tail keywords. They are mostly in a form of a question. They consists in more words than the above mentioned keyword types. For example “how to start a web shop?” or “how to set up a website?”.
How to create a basic keyword list.

In case you have set your mind to creating a niche affiliate website or you like to generate traffic to a certain link then write down the keywords you like to rank for. Make sure you optimize a site for certain set of keywords. If you plan to enter too much keywords then there is the chance that you would not rank for any keyword. 
The best is to find seed keywords. These are the main keywords that represent the topic of the site or blog. It is not much of work to find these related keywords. Here below you can find 5 different ways to find the keywords. 
1] Think like a prospect: write down the keywords what you can imagine what the visitors will type into the search engines to find your site. 
2] Check Google related search terms. Once you type in the search engine the main keywords you can find the related search terms at the bottom of the page.
4] You can search Q&A sites for longtail keywords on sites like Yahoo answers. Browse Yahoo answer database for questions that people asked. Write text to answer these questions and you can generate traffic to these content on a blog or a website.
5] Use the Google trends tool to find new ranked search terms. You also can find what will be popular search terms in the future.

How to make money online with CPA offers.

There are so many possibilities when you can choose from to make money online. I have made 3000 USD yet with CPA offers. If you are interested in starting an online money making system then consider making money with CPA offers. CPA stand for cost per action. I think this is a great way to make money online with free traffic. There is the possibility to sign up with a CPA offers sites and generate traffic to the landing page and make money with free traffic.
How to drive traffic to a CPA offer, Where to find CPA offers, What CPA offers you can promote to make the most. 
Where to find CPA offers: If you are looking for CPA offers you can go to, and All these sites have a large numbers of offers. I pick the offers where the visitors enter their e-mail and I get paid around 1,75 usd per e-mail. This is a way to make lots of money but I personally see it as one of my income streams. The site called has around 500 offers you can choose from. 
What offers you can choose from to generate money online.
Freebie offers: There are sites paying 3 usd for sending traffic to sign up page and getting the e-mail and the address from the visitor to receive a free sample of what ever.Click this link free-trial-affiliate-offers this link takes you to the freebie offers and there are major amounts of offers to choose from. 
Dating offers: When you think of making money online as a dating affiliate then you can sign up for  and generate traffic dating-affiliate-programs for free or with pay per click. There are leads for 25 usd and around 6 usd on an average I think you should take a look for your self. 
How to drive free traffic to a CPA offer?
Article marketing: This is writing quality content that is really make the lives easier by offering your product you promote to convert. There must be links included in the article body and do not place and links in the head of the body text. Then the article directories reject your article. You can use the free Google Keyword tool to find the keywords to optimize your site for. 
Social bookmarking: This is submitting your cpa offers links to the social bookmarking sites to get traffic to cpa offers. This is Facebook, Twitter and Digg can bring you a large amount of traffic in a long term. 
You can write text ads and place on classified ad sites like There are huge amount of users daily browsing the classified ad sites to buy and the smart people like affiliates can get huge amount of traffic from the classified ad sites.