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How to make money online writing reviews.

I am online since 2007. I made 3000 usd with blogging. I started to make money online since the beginning of 2007. I was looking for a way to make money online without having to invest a dime. I found the way. Back in the days there was a site called This site accepted my blog to their market place to take assignments.

How can I start a blog to make money online with blogging?: If you are interested in maintaining a blog then you can start a blog for free or get a custom domain and pay for the hosting. I think the best things in life comes for free. This possibility to make money with writing blog reviews is one of those things. I started with a free blog and later I bought a domain and started to get traffic.

How to pick a domain name?: If you are thinking about starting a blog then you can consider the possibility to buy a domain name with page rank and traffic. When you buy that blog’s domain make sure it is clean that means that the domain name is not being penalized in the past.  If you are going for the possibility to buy a new domain then keep in mind that you pick the domain name with the right keywords in the domain name. If your blog is about making money online then you can pick for example combination of these words.

How much can I make per review?: If you starting out with writing reviews and you have about page rank 4 and you have build quality links back to your blog then you can make about 5 usd per 400 words. Then you can review a website, product or a service. I have made 20 usd per review for some reviews. I had to write 400 words and include couple of links in the review. I wrote about 300 reviews for 3000 usd. That is 10 usd on the average. This is a site which used to be This site was paying me good money. I think they pay lots of less money nowadays. There are about 10 assignments which pay 0,50 cent per 400 words. That is a fraction of what the possibility is when you have page rank 4 and high Alexa rank. I am not yet going to write for this site because I want higher page rank than the page rank I have now.

I think having a high page rank and it is important that you do not violate any rules of the search engines by over optimizing your blog. I think there are great amount of white hat strategies to optimize your blog with.