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How to build an Iphone app in 6 easy steps.

If you might not know that selling apps is already an established business. Then you know now. If you like to make money with building Iphone apps then keep reading. In this post you will learn how to build an Iphone app in easy 6 steps. If you like to know how to market it then keep reading this post.

Find your niche: You could think that you are going to create the next mobile app for world of warcraft. You are not for certain Activision or Hasbro. You could be someone who could have created a game in the past because you are creative enough. This is perhaps not your niche if that is not the case. Think about the field where you already has some sort of knowledge about. And consider how you can help out people with the apps you are going to create.

Research the competition: Once the light bulb starts to ignite and you may want to find out if your idea is already is brought to light by other merchants. There are already 200,000 apps and the amount is growing daily and you must be aware before you put your idea to work because there can be 100 others promoting the same app. There are absolutely no obstacles when it come to creating a similar app. But if you want to make money then you have to be the first or the best. And better yet the both.

Lay it out: If you want to copy and paste the apps in the way you like that is of course good looking and it got to be most definitely serviceable. This site called Mockapp. This is a free site and this site can help you to get the goodie goodie looks for your app.

Hire a developer: If you are already tech savvy you can for sure build your own apps through your knowledge and skills. If you are not tech savvy you can try to find friends on facebook who has more knowledge about tech significant stuff. Or there is also a way on sites where freelancers offer their service.

Price your product: If you are starting to create a price then take for example if you want to sell an Iphone app for 2,99 usd then the one third gets Apple and you have to sell 1000 to break even. In case you paid 2000 to the developer. I read about a game that was poorly sold and once the price went up people started to appreciate it more.

Market like crazy: Create a great marketing plan and share it on Facebook and Twitter, and if you do not try to stand out from other 200,000 apps then you fail to sell, You got to realize at a point if the investment is worthy to hire a marketing firm to get the app out there.