How to build a virtual real estate empire and do off page optimizing.

make money online picture threeIf you have a plan to start an online business and you want to make money with a virtual real estate empire and add adsense and make money online. Then it is possible, only few things you have to know before you get started. There are few possibilities if you want a post filled with tips to start online virtual real estate business then pay attention. You have to pick a blogging platform and get domains, hosting. These are the few things you have to keep in mind.

How to pick a blogging platform: There are paid and free blogging platforms. There are some rules you have to know. On the blogs you can not become an affiliate. You can not make money with a account. You can buy domain names and hosting and choose wordpress as the blogging platform. The wordpress blogging platform is real easy to use and the themes are all great. There is all so Joomla there you can start a blog and add content daily to do on page optimizing. There is no doubt that you will have soon a good page rank and traffic to make money with adsense. If you have no money to start a blogging empire go to blogger and make blogs in easy three steps and add advertising to make money online then add posts daily with an autoblogging software you will get ranked soon.

How to write daily posts: submit articles If you are building a real estate you will have to pick an autoblogging software. There are several autoblogging software available online you can download one and pick rss feeds and just press on a button daily to make posts appear on the blogs you have created on a blogging platform. There is a way to get content. Through rss of other blogs. In the automatic blogging software there is the possibility to add the rss feeds and get posts. You can post like six times a daily posts but keep in mind that the search engines must not be bombed with posts. There is always a issue with duplicate content. The search engines just have to value the content and rank less higher than the original content. You can pick an article writer and rewrite and add to the blogs daily to rank in the search engines.

How to do the off page optimizing:  and get traffic from the directories then it is wise to add once a week an article to the article directories. Also you can submit your blogs to blog directories. This is sure shot method to get traffic from the search engines. To write posts you can rewrite articles manually or with an automated software. On the royalty free article sites you can find plenty of posts and come up with inspiration to write a post of your own and rewrite it to place to the article sites. Buy a comment software to leave comments on blogs with a high pagerank to get quality links back to your blogs. Also you can use a social bookmarking software to place links on social bookmarking sites. To use a software you can buy one or find one for free online. To have a sufficient results you have to do this once daily.

How to make money with a virtual real estate: You can decide to make 100 blogs and add clickbank products and generate traffic with above mentioned methods to rank high in the search engines. The autoblogging software you can add all the domain names and add the rss feeds to post content on the blogs and add relevant affiliate products to make sales to make commissions with clickbank. You can sign up for a clickbank account for free. Click here for a list of affiliate marketing networks to become an affiliate. On these blogs you can give away free products to get the e-mail addresses to send promotional e-mails to generate more money.

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