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How to create a landing page?

What is a landing page?

First of all I can explain what a landing page is. Landing page can be any page which the visitors arrive after clicking any promotional link like banner or text link. Eventually the landing page needs to convince visitors to keep reading your website because you want the visitors to convert like you wished. Such a wish can be signing up to a news letter, buying a product or signing into an e-mail list.

The structure of the landing page.

The people that come to your site often they are looking for answers. They will scope out your site to decide if they are at the right site and if it will make a fast and easy or long term stay at the site. So your site needs to be a welcome place. Make your site user friendly place to be and make sure that the visitor will give you the contact information or convert easy and fast. The structure will finally decide whether a visitor will convert or leave your page.

The links on the banners needs to address the same as the link said. If a pay-per-click ad was saying check out Base Ball Cards. Then the visitor must end up on a site featured with base ball cards.

The visual appeal of a landing page.

Use graphics and an article to make sure that it attracts attention. Place the article on the middle of the page, it makes sure that the purpose of the landing page never escapes the attention of the visitor. Make sure that the colors match each other. Use appealing graphics and use lots of white space. Using the appropriate pictures you can indicate the readers that they are still at the right site. At last I can recommend you not to place any distracting banners and links. The only link must be the goal you had in your mind that is converting the visitors.

The goal of the landing page.

You can keep in mind that the goal of your landing page must be accomplished. If you create a landing page to capture leads then you can make sure that the visitor leaves the contact information behind. If you want to sell a product then you can send them to an order page.

Be a relief: If you can offer an answer to the problems they have. You are on your way. It can be a conversion or an other name to your e-mail list. You can get the visitor to convert or get to fill in the lead capture page.