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How to start a free blog and make money online.

If you want to make money online then you can make free blogs and make money with Adsense. If you want to start to make money online then starting a niche blog can be heavy on the brain. If you do not know what type of blog to start you can consider make money online niche. This is a profitable niche.

How to start a free blog.

Go to Set up an account. There are three easy steps you can follow to make a free blog. When you are looking for a domain name keep in mind to optimize your domain name with the right keywords. If you are looking for a idea. Then you can do a free keyword research at When it is the main keywords make money online. You will get a list of related keywords. Then include the keywords in the domain name.

Add content.

If you want to ideas on your topic to write about then consider Plr articles. I think rewriting these articles can be profitable. There is never a thing like enough content. That is why it is better to add content frequently. If you take Plr articles for example then you will find out about niche profitable topics to write about. If you do a keyword research you can find profitable keywords to optimize your content for.

Get the word out about your blog.

If you can make a facebook account and add friends and share your content with your readers then you can generate money online. There is this huge need for traffic. Think about traffic, because without traffic there is no money that you can make.

Also you can sign up with Googleplus and share with your friends the content that you add to your blog. There is a huge income potential through these free traffic sources. I think social bookmarking is one of the best ways to generate free traffic.

You also can sign up with and share the content that you add to your blog. I think these sources are a vital parts if you want to generate traffic. Traffic is the main source to tap into if you want to generate clicks with Adsense. 

Guest blogging.

If you want to get extra traffic consider guest blogging. If you want to become a guest blogger look for blogs already have a good 300 a day visitor amount. Then write guest posts for these blogs. Make sure that the blogs fits the niche you chose. Keep writing posts for these blogs to get the readers of those established blogs also visit your blog.