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How to get 9 pr backlinks quick.

If you are into Internet marketing then you know that traffic is an important issue. Here below I will show you  how to get backlinks from high pr sites. There is also a linkwheel invented to get higher rankings. I will explain later how to build a linkwheel.

#1 Backlink with

Go to and click forums then click register with your information. After completing the registration go to forums home page. You will find a thread with the name of “Your WordPress”. Click on that thread and post something similar.

For example this is my new WordPress blog and suggest me a new theme. Now you have a 9 pr backlink.

#2. Backlink with

Go to and then click register. Complete the whole process of registration and put a link of your site in the profile. Add some useful posts to the forum and you have 9 pr backlink.

#3. Backlink with 

Go to then with your personal information. Put your site’s link of your site in the signature and post a useful posts. Then you have 9 pr backlinks.

How to build a linkwheel to get high pr backlinks.

Link wheel is use to create a high pr backlinks from web 2.0. This is creating backlinks from high pr sites pointing to your main website. Building a link wheel is seen as a an advanced SEO technique. But anyone can build a link wheel without any hassle.

Here below you will find out what kinds of sites we  can create backlinks from.

Go to Livejournal (PR 8) and create a blog with an article with a link pointing to the main website or blog. And then go to there create a blog with an article that points to the main website and the Livejournal website. Go to Weebly and create a blog and put a link back to the main website and a link to the main website. Go to Tumbler (PR 8) create a blog and then put an article on it and put a link back to your main website and Weebly. After that go to Squidoo and create a blog and put an article on it point a link to the Tumblr and the main website. After that go to and create a blog with an article and point a link at Squidoo and the main website.

1.    Livejournal (PR8)
2.    WordPress (PR 9)
3.    Weeby (PR 8)
4.    Tumbler (PR 8)
5.    Squidoo (PR 8)
6. 8)


Free link building software.

If you are an online marketer you know that traffic is the lifeblood of your online business. If you have tried to get traffic from Google then you know that inbound links are very important. If you want to build links I have these free link building tools to present to you.

Free backlink builder #1: It is called Linknabber this site it is an online seo tool. Once you have signed up and placed their link on your site then you can find blogs to comment on with backlink tool. You have to type in a keyword and you will be able to find blogs to comment on. You will be able to find do follow blogs, forums and social bookmarking site.

Free inbound link builder #2: This blog commenting software is called Comment Kahuna. This site can find a limited amount of blogs in the free version and in the paid version are the functional features are more expanded. I think with the free version you can build inbound links as well. It is a great software with user friendly features. The interface is nice looking.

Free link building tool #3: This is a free link building tool called Buzz Stream. You can use the free e-mail tool to find relevant link exchange opportunities. You can extract domain from Url. You can subscribe to this site for a certain fee. I think the e-mail tool to find e-mails is a great opportunity.

Free link building opportunity #4: This is the link of the site called SEO BOOK. This is a great knowledge base to explore everything to gain knowledge around the topic called inbound link building. There are many tools free and paid you can use to build links. You can watch free videos on how to build links. You can use the keyword tool to find keywords and you will learn what off page optimization is and many other topics are covered. You can use the Hub finder to build links.

Free inbound link builder #5: This is a free software of SEO SUITE. This is a site which offers free link building software and a paid one. If you like to build links fast then give it a try. It works. This is one of the tools I use to build links. This way you can build easy links. The paid software offers more than the limited version considering the fact the amount of links you can build.

These free tools will help you to build inbound links and generate sales or clicks if you are looking for targeted traffic then you have to build links to get your site ranked high in the search engines.


6 tips to build inbound links.

I think if you build a website then your intentions might be to build a presence online to sell products. This can be building a blog or a website to sell for example Amazon products. To start can be easy but to maintain your website or blog you need determination to accomplish a search engine optimization mission.
This is having a search engine campaign to get targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Off page search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods to build inbound links. This task of building quality links is not completed before you have links coming in from authority websites or blogs. I think commenting is one of the easy ways to build inbound links.

 Here below you can find 6 tips to build inbound links.

1] If you want other website owners or blog owners to link to your website or blog then create quality content which is educational or entertaining. When readers find your site interesting they can choose to link to yours.

2] Get social: If you want to brand your self as an expert in a certain field you can socialize with other like minded people and build a following base. If you can create accounts with important social media sites and make a name for your self by sharing content in the communities.

3] Write for authority websites: This is adding content to authority blogs as a guest. If you like to make money online with Adsense and you like to share your knowledge then sign up with

4] Write for authority blogs: If you want to build links with link juice then commenting on .edu blogs is a great way to build links. If you write guest posts then you can get a flood of traffic and build a readership.

5] If you are into local business make a list of local business that would like to link to your website. This way you can get some weight when it comes to links.

6] You can make Youtube videos and submit also to other video sites to get more exposure. This is a great method to build inbound links through having links in the description that point to websites or blogs.

The best is to use all of the above mentioned tips and put it into practice. This means that you can get the most if you put the proper effort into the search engine optimization campaign. You also can write articles to build back links.