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How to make money online with writing.

If you have been online for the last couple years than you must have noticed that quality ‘content is king’. This is accentuated very well by Google. They have given new dimensions to ‘content is king’ by writing algorithms to rank sites and blogs by their quality. If you do not maintain your site or blog then your site or blog will not have the same rankings as it was before. Because entrepreneurs want to get quality traffic to generate sales they are craving for quality content. This has created an opportunity to make money online with writing.

There is no experience needed.

Here is the most attractive part. There is no experience needed to write and make money online. If you are fluent in English in writing you can do the job. For all types of levels of writers there are the opportunity to make money online. There are many advantages that comes along with the making money online with writing.

* You can work where and when ever you like to.

* You will get the chance to write about the topics you are passionate about.

* You can create a passive income through writing.

There are plenty more advantages than listed above and if you wonder where to start?. I have found four sites that pays you to write articles. There are two methods which is essential to know when it comes to getting paid with writing online. One of them is up-front payments. This is when companies pay in advance for writing. It does not depend on how much traffic the article receives or how it ranks. You will get paid no matter what the performance of the article is.

Performance payments sites for writing.

1. This site was called associated content before it became There are two payment methods you can make around 2 USD to 4 USD with up-front payments. You also can make money with writing from performance. It depends on how much traffic your articles will get. They will pay per 1000 page views.

2. This is also a site which pays you to write articles. You got to have a adsense account This is a revenue sharing site. They have also other ways to monetize. If you like to make money online with writing I would also be come a member of this site.

3. This is a site which pays you to write articles on any topic. No matter what your passion is you can earn money if you got an adsense account. You will get to keep 80% of the revenue. No matter where you are from you can make money with this site.

4. This is also a revenue sharing sites. I think this is one of the most famous sites when it comes to making money online with writing. It also has Amazon affiliate ads integrated. You can build hubs around the topic you like and the traffic will come in due time.

How to start a membership site to profit from it.

Couple of years ago there was a trend that took the Internet by the storm. It was making money with a membership site. If you want to sell subscriptions and want a password protected website to make money from. I will give you the needed information you need to know how to start and run a membership website for profit. With the proper tools you can start a membership website with the minimal costs. This is an opportunity which allows you to make huge money from home.

People are seeking for content online and they are willing to pay for it. This is a hot niche and niches such as match making and tutorial sites are hot. Even micro niches as dieting, DVD authoring and marketing services are hot niches.

300 million spend by the Internet users in 4 months on content in 2002.

Huge spending in 4 months by the Internet users to buy content in 2002. 155% of growth  since 2001. Inter users are buying content to regarding to their profession or their passion. The people on the Internet who subscribe to gather content are paying 9,95 USD to 19,95 USD per month. Some people pay around 200 USD per month depending on the nature of the content.

The market is growing rapidly.

The content is bought by less than 9% of the Internet users. This means a huge market potential for the savvy entrepreneur. The amount was 5 times more which considers the paid content in 2002 over 2001. That is for sure a growth of 500%. Because the market is international everybody can make a profit if they get on this adventure.

How to start your own membership site..

There are 4 key elements you need to know when you start a membership site. You got to target the right market, make it one of a kind content, finding subscribers, Add tools or services. These are the 4 steps you have to follow when you start out a membership site.

1. Find the right market.

Look for a niche what you are passionate about. You also can do a keyword research to find out what kinds of niches are doing well. This way you can find out what people are looking for online. People are willing to buy if you offer them value. If you find the right market you can gain big profits.

2. Make it one of a kind content.

The potential customers must not find the content you offer on your membership website else where for free. Running and maintaining a membership website means that you got to find new information online sometimes offline to offer to your subscribers. If you can interview experts in the field you can offer unique material to the subscribers. If you have experience then offer case studies. Once your site grows people will contact you and if you can interview them you can gain credibility in the niche by offering one of a kind material.

3. Finding subscribers.

Once you have targeted the right niche finding traffic is not hard. You can spread the word by e-zine articles, press releases, viral marketing and optimizing your site for the right keywords. And get traffic through pay-per-click and social bookmarking. These are few of the best known methods to find new subscribers.

4. Add services or tools.

Add free resources like software, e-books and free give-a-ways to convince the customers. Online you can find these things for a low cost. Outsourcing can save you lots of time so you are depending on services. It is critical to make your subscribers return .Discussion forums and free resources can get your membership site there.

How to start a blog and get traffic.

If you want to make money online then you can make money online with blogging. If you want to start a blog you got to pick a blogging platform. There are numerous paid and free blogging platforms. You can pick or for example. I can recommend because it offers lots of possibilities when it comes to plugins.

Step 1. Pick a domain.

If you want to make money online then you better pick a custom domain. When you sign up with a review site you can accept offers which pays more than when you have a domain with an extension. When you pick a domain you must consider picking a domain name with the keywords in it. This can get you more traffic. Or when you have written the blog for a time you can sell it better when you have a domain name where the domain name is included.

Step 2. Pick a niche.

When you pick a niche consider a niche which has your interest to keep the long term focus to maintain your blog. For instance if your interest lies with making money online. You can start a blog to promote affiliate products. You can review digital goods and make money online.

Step 3. Add content.

When you add content you got to consider adding quality content which is useful and which helps the visitors. Adding content with the right keyword density will get your blog higher rankings. To stay inspired you can keep a close eye on the new trends regarding your niche. You can find content to write about through Google Alerts, blogs, press releases.

How to get traffic.

Step 1. Social bookmark.

You can use the social sites to bookmark your content. Just for example you can use Facebook to social bookmark your blog. Also you can use twitter to social bookmark your content to followers.

Step 2. Comment on other blogs.

To get higher rankings and backlinks you can comment on other blogs. There are lots of high pr blogs. These sites offer the possibility to comment and share your opinion about the posts and ask questions if you like to know answers.

Step 3. Be active on the forums.

Be active on the forums related to your niche. If your blog is about making money online you can posts on forums like Warrior Forum and,. These forums have lots of users if you include a link back in the signature you can get traffic back to your blog.

How to make money online from affiliate marketing?

If you like to make money online then affiliate marketing is an option. You can make money by signing up with affiliate sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction or Neverblue ads. Then once you send visitors to affiliate links then visitors buy the affiliate products through your affiliate links then you make commissions. That is a predetermined percentage of the sales price.

How does affiliate marketing work?

If you are not able to create a product then affiliate marketing is the cheapest way to make money online. I must say that it not the easiest way because the competition is fierce. Once you sign up with a website which sells affiliate products then you will be provided a unique affiliate link for each product you choose to sell. With this link you can send traffic to the merchant’s site where the product is sold. Most affiliate sites will provide text links, banners and promo tools you can use to send traffic to the merchant’s sites. When visitors get interested they will click through to the merchant’s website and once the visitors buy products you will get a commission because you generated a sale.

The affiliate site can track your sales through the affiliate id and the affiliate software. You can access the stats in real time and track your sales. In certain cases you do not have to sell products to make commissions. You can get paid once you send visitors to the merchants websites. That is called Pay-per-click. You will be paid a predetermined amount of money for each click. You also can make money when visitors leave their contact information in the lead capture pages. This can be e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or names.

Why affiliate marketing to make money online?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing online money making techniques. Check out why this is.

Cost effective: Internet marketing is cheap because you can make money online selling other people’s products. You do not need to develop a product of your own. There is no need for hiring employees or do not need a physical business location.

Work from the comfort of your home: You do not need to leave your home to make money online with affiliate marketing. You do not need to wake up early and you can work when ever you like. Getting stuck in the traffic jams are forever a thing of the past.

No customer support: There is no need for customer support you do not have to worry about dealing with customer complaints. Quite a relief because it can cost you lots of money to provide customer support. The customer support is provided by the merchants.

Passive income: This easy money making. When you have a 9 till 5 you can make a fixed amount. Even when you are not working front of your computer you can make money as an affiliate.

No fees: You do not have to pay any fees to join any affiliate programs.

No storage or shipping: You do not have to store any products and you do not care about handle the shipping.