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How to start a travel agency from home.

Fill in all the papers that local institutions are considering significant: Fill in forms and choose a business form and at the commerce of chamber you might want to state. Your name can be filed as a certain business form. It is quite important to be legit. So make sure that you complete this step first.

Write a business plan: If you already have enough sources to fund your business project then there is no much of an issue if you do not have written a business plan. If you write a business plan then you have a solid foundation to put your game plan in action through the information provided in the business plan. If you have a business plan you also can attract other investors.

Open two bank accounts: If you have two bank accounts then you can track funds coming in and going out. The other bank account should collect the funds the customers pay when they pay. This can be truly a great outcome to keep the things more clear. That is the financial picture of course.

Choose the type of travel agency you want to run: If you are into making money with referring the customers to bigger companies. Then you can earn a referral fee. If you do like to sell various tour packages then you can make money with bookings and selling packages.

Contact various to discuss several package deals to offer and what kind of referral commission you can earn: It is wise not to put all the eggs in basket. You can contact different travel companies to sell package tours. This method can make you additional money.

Join the travel specific organizations and societies: This is joining the organizations and societies that help the travel agents to get more exposure with the customers. You can join the American society of travel agents. You can join National association of commissioned travel agents.