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6 tips to build inbound links.

I think if you build a website then your intentions might be to build a presence online to sell products. This can be building a blog or a website to sell for example Amazon products. To start can be easy but to maintain your website or blog you need determination to accomplish a search engine optimization mission.
This is having a search engine campaign to get targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Off page search engine optimization is one of the most effective methods to build inbound links. This task of building quality links is not completed before you have links coming in from authority websites or blogs. I think commenting is one of the easy ways to build inbound links.

 Here below you can find 6 tips to build inbound links.

1] If you want other website owners or blog owners to link to your website or blog then create quality content which is educational or entertaining. When readers find your site interesting they can choose to link to yours.

2] Get social: If you want to brand your self as an expert in a certain field you can socialize with other like minded people and build a following base. If you can create accounts with important social media sites and make a name for your self by sharing content in the communities.

3] Write for authority websites: This is adding content to authority blogs as a guest. If you like to make money online with Adsense and you like to share your knowledge then sign up with

4] Write for authority blogs: If you want to build links with link juice then commenting on .edu blogs is a great way to build links. If you write guest posts then you can get a flood of traffic and build a readership.

5] If you are into local business make a list of local business that would like to link to your website. This way you can get some weight when it comes to links.

6] You can make Youtube videos and submit also to other video sites to get more exposure. This is a great method to build inbound links through having links in the description that point to websites or blogs.

The best is to use all of the above mentioned tips and put it into practice. This means that you can get the most if you put the proper effort into the search engine optimization campaign. You also can write articles to build back links.


Five link building strategies and how they influence your SEO.

If you are new to link building then this might confuse you but if you already know something about link building then you might know or do not know that off page optimization is crucial for an online marketer to succeed in promoting to convert the prospects. If you like to gain more exposure with search engine optimization then you can read the five link building strategies here below.

Method #1: One way linking: This is when you create a link from an other site to your site for example you write a comment on a high pr blog and they approve the link and you have created an inbound one way link. There are more one way linking methods such as directory submission, forum posting, rss submission. Another effective way to build one way links is to write articles and submit to article directories.

Method #2: Two way link building: This is when you exchange links with a similar site as yours to boost the search engine exposure. This is not looked at with much value in the algorithms. That means not much of link juice you will be getting from two way links. This is also frowned upon by the search engines. I suggest that you keep your two way links up to 10%.

Method #3: Three way link building: This is when you link site A to B and B to C and C to A. This is forbidden by the search engines so watch out. This way you can build links that links to each other. This brings confusion to the search engines. If you do not know about three way link building the better. It is an evil way of building links. The search engines will penalize your site for doing this.

Method #4: Social networking and content sharing: This is when you share your links on the sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. This can bring you a flood of traffic if you social bookmark your site on social bookmarking sites.

Method #5: Linkbait: This is when you write about current events. Also when you give away free e-books to get traffic to your site. It is when you write quality content which other site owners want to let their readers read.

Conclusion: If you take some of these link building methods to a level which is something that you daily then you can gain exposure in the search engines. Only you have to watch out for some methods that get your site penalized.