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How to promote your websites for free online.

make money online picture threeIt is for sure not a myth that you can find plenty of resources to promote your site or blog. There are also paid possibilities but if you can get it for free then you do not have to pay.  There are ways to make your sites and blogs standout from the rest. You can mix conventional off line methods with new media. There are many options you can choose from. It is the best to have a combination of these methods to get traffic that leads to many conversions.

Search engine optimization and directory submission: If you have a blog and you like to make money online with this blog. Then keep in mind that you get nowhere without traffic. Then you can submit your blogs into the search engines manually or with a software. The directories are good to get ranked in the search engines. These search engines rank blogs with a certain value and this depends on how much backlinks you have and how good your content is. If your content is useful to the readers and you make their life easier with all the informational resources you offer on your blogs or websites you can make money online without a doubt in a certain period of time with your sites or blogs.

Write quality content: If you do the on page optimization with the targeted keywords and keep the right amount of keywords in the content you can make money with blogs or websites. Keep also in mind that content is king. You can get lots of traffic to your blogs or sites with adding constant stream of content. I think if you make adding content a daily habit to your blogs then your blogs will get the traffic in due time. It is quite important to have useful content featured on your blogs or sites. This will gain visitors trust and they will keep coming back for more helpful information.

Get free content from article directories: If you have to build websites then you can find articles in the royalty free content sites. Only thing you have to do is place a link back to the original post. You also can write an article and rewrite it with a software to send to article directories to get more traffic from the search engines and directories. The issue with duplicate content is that it has less value in the search engine rankings. If you find articles then rewrite it with a software. This is a great outcome if you want to build websites that convert like crazy. Either you buy a software that makes it easy to build websites in minutes or you add manually.

Use free website analyzers: There are plenty of free tools to get an idea how your websites and blogs perform. If you want to know about how it ranks in the search engine of Google. Then do an analysis with the free tools online. If you want to know how much backlinks the sites and blogs have then you can analyze that. If you like to optimize your blogs and sites for certain keywords then it is a piece of cake with the Google keyword tool. If you like to know about the keyword density then do an analysis. Having the right tools make it all easy to make it big with your sites and blogs.

Use a blog commenter to build backlinks: This is a great method to make your sites and blogs visible to the readers. If you have a software to comment on blogs then this will take a load off your back to make it the process of link building less time consuming. Without a proper software it will take lots of time to build backlinks. The amount of traffic you can get depends on the traffic volume of the blogs you comment on. There is a feature in most of the blog commenting software to find out about the pagerank of the blogs to comment on. Pick blogs with pagerank above 4 and write relevant comments. It must be interesting to read and must be a stimulation to click through to your blogs.

Use these free tips to make your site visible in the search engines. The best things comes for free they say.

How to build a virtual real estate empire and do off page optimizing.

make money online picture threeIf you have a plan to start an online business and you want to make money with a virtual real estate empire and add adsense and make money online. Then it is possible, only few things you have to know before you get started. There are few possibilities if you want a post filled with tips to start online virtual real estate business then pay attention. You have to pick a blogging platform and get domains, hosting. These are the few things you have to keep in mind.

How to pick a blogging platform: There are paid and free blogging platforms. There are some rules you have to know. On the blogs you can not become an affiliate. You can not make money with a account. You can buy domain names and hosting and choose wordpress as the blogging platform. The wordpress blogging platform is real easy to use and the themes are all great. There is all so Joomla there you can start a blog and add content daily to do on page optimizing. There is no doubt that you will have soon a good page rank and traffic to make money with adsense. If you have no money to start a blogging empire go to blogger and make blogs in easy three steps and add advertising to make money online then add posts daily with an autoblogging software you will get ranked soon.

How to write daily posts: submit articles If you are building a real estate you will have to pick an autoblogging software. There are several autoblogging software available online you can download one and pick rss feeds and just press on a button daily to make posts appear on the blogs you have created on a blogging platform. There is a way to get content. Through rss of other blogs. In the automatic blogging software there is the possibility to add the rss feeds and get posts. You can post like six times a daily posts but keep in mind that the search engines must not be bombed with posts. There is always a issue with duplicate content. The search engines just have to value the content and rank less higher than the original content. You can pick an article writer and rewrite and add to the blogs daily to rank in the search engines.

How to do the off page optimizing:  and get traffic from the directories then it is wise to add once a week an article to the article directories. Also you can submit your blogs to blog directories. This is sure shot method to get traffic from the search engines. To write posts you can rewrite articles manually or with an automated software. On the royalty free article sites you can find plenty of posts and come up with inspiration to write a post of your own and rewrite it to place to the article sites. Buy a comment software to leave comments on blogs with a high pagerank to get quality links back to your blogs. Also you can use a social bookmarking software to place links on social bookmarking sites. To use a software you can buy one or find one for free online. To have a sufficient results you have to do this once daily.

How to make money with a virtual real estate: You can decide to make 100 blogs and add clickbank products and generate traffic with above mentioned methods to rank high in the search engines. The autoblogging software you can add all the domain names and add the rss feeds to post content on the blogs and add relevant affiliate products to make sales to make commissions with clickbank. You can sign up for a clickbank account for free. Click here for a list of affiliate marketing networks to become an affiliate. On these blogs you can give away free products to get the e-mail addresses to send promotional e-mails to generate more money.

4 ways to create passive income.

make-money-online-bornvirtualdotcomThink about having money deposited online even when you sleep. I think having online money systems that work for you even sleep is great. Then you have no worries about paying bills. I think when you can make money then it is even greater to have multiple income streams set to make massive amount of money that comes in steadily. I have put together 4 ways to make a passive income online.

There are plenty of online money making e-books online. If you google the keywords “e-books for making money online with passive methods. If you choose a method like making money with cpa offers then you have to learn about making money online with cpa. You have to set up a website and get e-mails to promote your cpa offers. Then it is simple to make money with cpa.

Affiliate marketing: If you like to make money online then you can set up accounts with Affiliate marketing networks. Once your accounts are approved. You can pick products to promote. Then you can write articles, set up a pay-per-click campaign, send out e-mails. This is very time consuming. You might ask where to begin. I think it is your own choice. If you like to outsource your work like site building then it is not cheaper than buying a software that creates instant affiliate websites with all the affiliate links build in. Affiliate marketing is promoting products that you do not need to create. There are products builders working on large projects to teach you how to make money online. They put their products for sale on digital goods sites for sale. You as an affiliate can make money online by promoting their products.

Become a freelancer: If you like to make money online then you can become a freelancer. I must say there is a investment involved. That is for sure the effort. If you are good in writing you can make money online with writing content for websites. If you are good in designing then offer your service online at or if you are good in making website you can offer your service and make money. I think you got to realize that you can make money only if you invest your effort in the beginning. If you are a photographer you can make money by taking pictures and uploading it photo sharing sites.

Network marketing: If you like to make money as a team and you have a leaders mentality. Then you can join a network marketing network. You make around 5000 usd monthly if you have a strong leader. They will build up new teams and it’s leaders will set up new teams this will create a passive income online. Your goal must be to become a leader. After that you will become the district manger. There is always a risk involved. Read the small letters of the contract. If you think it is not for me just step out. This is called multi-level marketing. If you have several years of experience as a manager. If you are good in making people excited by the opportunities then you can build team after team to generate money.

Stocks and bonds: If you are a patience person then this is definitely for you. There is not a huge investment involved. Even you have 300 usd monthly to invest then you can make money online. I think I am going to buy for 50 usd Heineken stocks,  for 50 usd Shell stocks, for 50 GM stocks, and the others I have to figure out yet. There is always a risk involved. If there is a political unrest there is effect on stocks it will plumb. There are lots of causes that can influence stocks. Read some sort of “Stocks for Dummies”. This will give you a clear idea about making money with stocks and bonds.

My experience with Goolge adense.

make money online picture threeThere is no doubt that Google Adsense is the market leader when it comes to content sensitive web based marketing. You will be able to place a code on your website and the server will show the ads on your site. There is the possibility to make the ads go smoothly with your site’s color. There is the option to pick from various size of ad formats. It can be a wide sky scraper or sky scraper.

Google has many rules and regulations and there is a strict policy they execute to make the whole process of keeping it fair for all the involved parties. I think if you are serious about making money with Google Adsense you got to practice white hat techniques to keep it all legit. Once  you be legit there is nothing to worry about. I think it is like waiting on stocks to yield. Foremost there is patience required. I have plans to make this blog long lasting and I am going to make money with Adsense.

Chitika: This is also a web based ads publishing site. This site pays you to display ads on your website. The amount of money you can make depends on the amount of traffic and page rank. Once you have a page rank 6 and have 100k traffic in the month. It is a piece of cake to make money with Chitika. I think you be able to build a site from the scratch and have to add content frequently and if it a site you have to update it once in three months just before google page rank update.

Bidvertiser: This is a great alternative to adsense. This site also pays you to display ads on your site or blog. There is the possibility to choose from many formats. You can implement the code on your website and generate traffic. It is for real the traffic what you need to make money. If there is enough traffic you can get a high page rank. If you make 10 dollars at least you can get paid through paypal. If you make 100 usd then you can get paid by check.

There are lots of sites that is same as Adsense I still go for Adsense, because this is the most famous site when it comes to making money with displaying ads. I think it is matter of keeping it legit with Google. If you do anything to violate their rules your account will be banned. I have good experience with Google they paid me 100 usd once with another blog. I have mentioned a 2 Adsense alternatives. I think this is nothing comparing to Google. I think to beat this giant you have to be hell of nice.

I would advice you to put your trust into Google Adsense. I think if you keep it all legit you can make huge amount of money in due time. Work hard and devote your self to adding content to generate traffic.

How to make money with Adsense:

Make youtube videos and associate your Youtube account with Adsense and you will do fine. I have this hip hop music project. I am intending to make 400 songs. I have drawn many digital images to include in the slideshow and I add additional songs in the background of the slideshows.

Make a blog: If you have a blog you can place ads on this blog and generate traffic to make money online as a publisher. If you have plans to make money online then you can start a blog and sign up with Google Adsense. This is really a trust worthy site. I would not go for another alternatives.

Five link building strategies and how they influence your seo.

seoIf you are into making money online then you know that traffic is essential to make money online. There are five link building strategies that you will have to get familiar with. If you want plenty of traffic then optimizing your content with the right keywords and applying the right density is the challenge. This is absolutely piece of cake to do so. There are tools online that will make it easy to optimize your blog or site with the right keywords to get lots of backlinks.

Article submission:

If you are able to offer your help to the readers they will visit your blog and explore it for they own benefit. I used to submit one article per week to the article directories. That bought me 19000 page views to one of my blogs. There are plenty of article sites you can submit your blogs or websites to. I think having a software is an outcome that is for sure less time consuming.

Directory submission:

There is the possibility to submit your blogs or websites to directories. This can bring you traffic and it will give your sites backlinks. It is all about building links back to your sites or blogs to get loads of traffic. I have found this site called Submitterbot This site allows you to submit your blogs or sites to 500 directories. Once it is submitted you will have a cool 500 links back.

Social bookmarking:

This has huge potential to get traffic. The social bookmarking sites love fresh content. For real there are people hooked to social media. If you have a good post then people will love it. They are always looking for new stuff to read. Feed the social media with your content. There are social bookmarking sites that has huge amount of members. Facebook for example. I think using a social bookmarking software is less time consuming. I would avoid auto submitting to 5000 social bookmarking sites. That is just spam. Beware do not fall into scams.

Blog commenting:

This a easy way to build links. If you have a software to comment on blogs this will save you great deal of time. It is a great way to build backlinks. If you like a post on a blog then give credit to the author. If there is something not clear just ask the writer of the blogs. I have build 389 backlinks to one of my blogs. It is better to build backlinks through commenting on high ranked blogs and also comment on relevant blogs to your blog’s topic. It is all about building quality backlinks to your blog or sites.

Adding quality content:

Do not take the content production to lightly because this is what it is all about. If you help out the people in your posts and making their life easier with your advice in your posts they will trust you. They can use your blog as a resource to find solutions. It is all about offering a solution to the readers to build up a loyal readership. Quality content you can buy from a freelance writer or if you are willing you can write your own. I am not a big fan of freelancers. I love to write and that is a long lasting motivation. That is why it is really needed to pick a topic where you interested in.

Buying backlinks: I am not big fan of this because you are never sure where they place the links. It can be seen as spam by the search engines if you order a package of 7000 backlinks. It is never that of much value than building links with above mentioned methods.




How to start a free blog.

make money online picture oneIf you want to make money online there are plenty of ways to get there. If you starting out then you will wonder where can I start. The outcome must be loads of traffic by adding constant flow of content. If you think what type of niche to choose. Pick a topic what you are passionate about. If you have a passion for gardening then start a blog and write about how you can make the lief easier by offering your expertise.

How to start a free blog.

Go to and make a blog in easy three steps. Pick a domain name with the main keyword in the domain. If your blog is about making money then for example you can pick a domain name such as onlinemoneymaking.blogspot or Once you have this blog then you can add content.

How to find inspiration to come up with new posts.

If you google the keyword TOPIC+Article for example if your blog is about Japanese bikes then you can find articles about this topic by searching Japanese bike+article. Then google will display the right amount of articles you can pick from. Also go to Article directories to find articles and you will be inspired by the topics and you will have to do some background research. Then write in your own words about the topics.

How to optimize the blog to make money online.

If you can apply for ad sites to display the ads of advertisers to make money online. If you wonder what type of ads to pick do not worry google have the advertising branch called Adsense. Once you have set up a blog apply for an Adsense account. Once you approved get the codes and implement it on your blog. I think, if your blog is about clickbank products you can apply for account this will give you the access to the codes to implement on your blog.

How to get traffic to your blog.

Submit to article directories: Write articles and get a software to submit to article directories. If you have a software this will save you time and if you write articles then write about the tips you have to give to make their life easier. Be an expert in a niche and people will give you credit.  Submit your blogs to blog directories. This will bring traffic to your blog. It is once again a great outcome in a form of a solution to use a software.  There are lots of directories if you stick to blog directories you will be good. If you are online you better not fall into scams. Just do some research about the sites before you buy.

How to make money online with a blog.

If you want to make real big money then you can get into flipping blogs. This is you add content till it gets good rankings and traffic and sell on sites such as for a profit.  This does not happen overnight.  The page rank is a huge weighting issue when it comes to making money with a blog. If you do not have any page rank there would be no one interested in buying your blog.

If you like to make money online then you can establish a page rank for your blog and you can generate traffic and accept review offers. If you sign up with review sites then you can make money with writing reviews. You will get your account approved once you meet the requirements. I have made 3000 usd with this method.  I have spend it all online and I have plans to make money with this blog once this blog is approved to review sites.


Welcome on my make money online and seo blog.

make money online picture threeHello, this is the blog of

Prasanga Perera. I am a Sri Lankan Dutch kid who went to school on a bike for 4 years and I cycled with my homies about 16 km each day. I have started with getting money with delivering the morning papers before 7 o’clock. I was glad that I saw the morning graces and made money.

After that I was about 20 and I got a job at Free Record Shop. That is a record store who made lots of money to hire me for about 24 hours in the month to give back up to the manager. I was like a big boss when he left me the store for couple of hours.  That was from 1998 till 1999.  In 2000 I was selling drugs to make the ends meet. I made 1000 euro per night selling heroine. But I thought that is not worth risking my freedom. I gave up.

In November 2000 I got a job at a supermaket called Aldi. I have worked as a cheap ass hit man for the manager. I made 1345 euro per month back then I was 22.  In 2002 April I gave the whole thing up again and decide to do nothing. I had enough drug money. In 2007 I started to work for a printing firm.  Then some thing magical happen. There was a phenomenon as making money online. In 2007 I started a blog with This made 3000 usd in 1 year. I thought that is something cool to have.

If you are online and you can not decide what type of money making method to choose then consider making money online with a blog. If you want a blog and can not choose from what type of blogging software you want. I can advice you to get a WordPress blog. I found this hosting company called Strato. They offered me 6 months no fee and after that 5,98 monthly. They offered me two domain names for free.

This blog is about making money online and search engine optimization. If you have the time keep a steady eye on my blog and you will find out in easy to follow English how you can get traffic and make money online with various methods. Making money online with a blog can be found beneath.


If you start out a blog keep in mind that you can not make money online right way or overnight. There is a constant flow of content needed to be displayed on a blog to get a loyal readership. I tell you the truth about my self and I give you tips to make money online. If you want to monetize a blog the consider Adsense this is a huge income potential on auto pilot.  If you like to know I can mention another right now that is Neverblue ads.  These sites pay per 1000 impressions a predetermined amount.  Or you can offer CPA offers on your blog. I think signing up with various CPA offer sites can give you a diverse amount of offers. If you can add a review to the CPA offers you can get traffic to your blog with free and paid advertising.

You also can sell e-books online there are site that pays you to promote e-books. There are many people who are eager to buy these books. They will pay you through Paypal. You have to replace a certain part of the link with your Paypal address. Also you can work for various review sites. Once you have an established page rank you can make up to 400 usd per review.  In 2007 I came home from work and found out that I just missed a 500 usd worth review.  Back then I worked for

Also you can make money online with affiliate offers. If you sign up with affiliate sites you can pick your own offers from the marketplace. You can give your honest opinion and give tips how your product can make peoples life easier. There must be an outcome of a solution. You must solve a problem what the prospect have with the product you are promoting. I think you have to brand your self as an expert in this field.  People will trust you and will come to you for advice. You can charge a fee for that.



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