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5 free HTML editors.

If you want to make money online then you can become an affiliate marketer. There are situations when you need a website to create a sales page. If you got your own product and you have to send visitors to a page where they sell your products. If you like to build a website and if you have nothing to invest in your business then you can start for free with these HTML editors I have to introduce to you.

Komodo Edit: This is an easy to use free html editor. I think you can start building your own website with the clear step by step guide provided. This is an user friendly software which helps you to build websites. If you want to build a website for your personal use or business purposes then you can for sure use this software to build a website.

  Aptana Studio: This is a great software with many useful functions. If you like to build websites for any purpose then you can get busy with this html editor to make the website you like. It is great that this product is free. Feel free and get started with this free software.

  NetBeans: This is a free html editor that help you to build websites on any topic you like. If you like to make money online selling golf equipment then you can build a website with the equipment you are promoting and cool articles on it to rank high in the search engines. I think this is a great tool to build websites.

  Blue Fish: This is a free html editor. You can build websites as usual to make money online or for any other purposes. This is a software with user friendly features to make the website you like. If you need a website for your soccer club or you like to make a website about any other topic. Then this is the website builder you will like.

  Coffeecup html editor: This is one of the famous html editors that there is. This is a great must haves if you like to build mini sites and capture leads pages. This is a free html editor and you can upgrade to the full version if you like. If you like to build a website with graphics . Then this is a tool to build the website you like.

There are many free html editors you can pick one and I hope you can build your website.


How to create a landing page?

What is a landing page?

First of all I can explain what a landing page is. Landing page can be any page which the visitors arrive after clicking any promotional link like banner or text link. Eventually the landing page needs to convince visitors to keep reading your website because you want the visitors to convert like you wished. Such a wish can be signing up to a news letter, buying a product or signing into an e-mail list.

The structure of the landing page.

The people that come to your site often they are looking for answers. They will scope out your site to decide if they are at the right site and if it will make a fast and easy or long term stay at the site. So your site needs to be a welcome place. Make your site user friendly place to be and make sure that the visitor will give you the contact information or convert easy and fast. The structure will finally decide whether a visitor will convert or leave your page.

The links on the banners needs to address the same as the link said. If a pay-per-click ad was saying check out Base Ball Cards. Then the visitor must end up on a site featured with base ball cards.

The visual appeal of a landing page.

Use graphics and an article to make sure that it attracts attention. Place the article on the middle of the page, it makes sure that the purpose of the landing page never escapes the attention of the visitor. Make sure that the colors match each other. Use appealing graphics and use lots of white space. Using the appropriate pictures you can indicate the readers that they are still at the right site. At last I can recommend you not to place any distracting banners and links. The only link must be the goal you had in your mind that is converting the visitors.

The goal of the landing page.

You can keep in mind that the goal of your landing page must be accomplished. If you create a landing page to capture leads then you can make sure that the visitor leaves the contact information behind. If you want to sell a product then you can send them to an order page.

Be a relief: If you can offer an answer to the problems they have. You are on your way. It can be a conversion or an other name to your e-mail list. You can get the visitor to convert or get to fill in the lead capture page.


How to make money with multiple content blogs.

If you are blogger then you must of know what automated blogging is. If you like to make money online with multiple blogs with fresh content which is already is written without your efforts. Then keep on reading this post explains how to make money online with automated content blogs. There are bloggers with 100′s of blogs this makes them easy to get traffic and eventually convert the visitors.

What is automated content?

Automated content is a term which grasps the area of automated content creation. You can gather fresh content through some services to place the content on your blog. What content is what you write on your blog. It would be easier to make the content appear on your blog without any effort of you. There are other people writing content and through a service or a software you make sure the content appears on your blogs.

How to set up free blogs with content?

Step 1. Go to and set up an separate e-mail accounts for the Register accounts with If you have the plans to set up 100′s free blogs you will need about 10 different accounts because do not like that you have 100 blogs on the same account.

Step 2. Go to free auto blogger and download the free or pro version. Choose add blogs. Add the blogs name and fill in the access information. After that choose settings of the appropriate blog and add the feed link and press download. After that press okay.

This way you can create hundreds of blogs with free This is a great opportunity if you do not have the money to invest in the initial state. I have made about 20 blogs with There is a blog about Forex getting some great results.

If you want to make money with Adsense it is a great method to get started. You can add a gadget from the interface to have your own Adsense ads to work for you. You can monetize your blogs with Amazon ads or Adbrite ads. There are many options that make money online with free automated blogs.

I think you better find a list of high paying Google Adsense keywords list. Then build blogs around those niches. I know that mortgage Adsense keywords pay well. If you optimize your automated content blog with  the high paying keywords you can make from 1 USD up to 40 USD per click.


How to make money with lead generation.

You might know that there are many money making methods are out there. You can make money online with lead generation. If you are looking for tips to make money online then you may want to read this post. These tips provide you information to maximize your business online. The rules of lead generation stays the same but the strategies are changed. Internet is the place to be if you want to generate leads.

Lead generation tips on how to generate leads.

1. Optimize your website or blog with search engine optimization. On site optimization with a proper keywords research to find the keywords you want to optimize your site or blog for.

2. With the power of the Internet you can attract many leads. People do not want products sold to them. They are orienting on information. It is better to offer them information and send them towards an expert in the niche which eventually the targeted visitor might convert.

3. The power of the social media it is easy to market to different type of audiences. This means either you do manually or save time using a automated social bookmarking software. This is very easy to use software with a user friendly interface.

4. If you like to get the word about your lead capture page then creating videos is a way to go. You can make a video in simple steps. There are free and paid software offering you the possibility to process a high quality video in an instance. So it is really easy to spread the word on sites like and

5. Another lead generation method is to write quality articles with a linkback to your lead capture page. This is a really effective targeted method to drive traffic. If you are going to write an article make sure that you optimize it for some relevant keywords. Make sure it contains a catchy title. Share with the readers the advantages of the product you are generating leads for. Make sure you describe what will happen if the visitors will not convert.

Why online lead generation?

It is quite obvious that people want things and they want what they are looking for in an instance. Just imagine a quote for a mortgage. People want to know what type of loan would fit their financial situation and they want to know so quick as possible. If you can send that lead to a mortgage finance company. You can make money online. This is why online lead generation is suitable for mortgage lead generators.


How to get traffic to a blog.

To explain plainly what it is all about making money online is traffic and that is the currency. When you get a large amount of traffic then people will subscribe to your list, they will spread the word on Facebook and Twitter, will also subscribe to your list. With a large amount of traffic you have the chance to get targeted traffic to your affiliate links.

Step 1: Create stunningly useful traffic.

The first move that you can do to get a large amount of traffic per day is to create killer content that is full of personality. Let your voice be heard and show your style make sure you brand your self as an expert. How to develop a voice can not be taught it must be found. It is matter of individual quest to find the voice.

Be extremely honest.

It requires that you take the mask off and not be afraid to show your emotions. I must say that writing is sort of like dancing you have to let it go and make your fingers move to a certain beat you feel in your head. Otherwise you end up in a writers block.

Your one of a kind voice will attract people. What it takes is creating killer content to get attention from the readers. You must create content that makes people think, create value, inspire, it must provide them new perspectives, It got to track the readers from their comfort zone and take a challenge.

Remember that social media works only when you create content that matters.

Step 2. Spread your content around the web.

If you think you are already there with posting content to your blog then you are wrong. You task is not completed yet. After posting content you must spread the word around the web about your content. Luckily social media is here to make it easier to spread the content. If you provide value then there is a huge amount of social bookmarking sites to submit to.

Step 3. Submit to Twitter.

This is so easy to use but lots of people are still not using it the right way. When you have lots of followers it is easy to drive lots of traffic to your website or blog. There are people getting thousands of visitors every week from Twitter. It is easy to generate new followers. Go to twitter accounts with lots of followers. Add them and Re-tweet some of the tweets. And follow people who you have Re-tweeted. Some people will be curious about your posts and will also follow you.

Step 4. Submit to Facebook.

This is a great stop for getting traffic. If you are not already active on Facebook get your task done now by submitting content.

How to get traffic with article marketing.

If you wonder how to generate traffic then I think article marketing is a great way to build links back to your blogs. I have generated many visitors with article marketing. This you also can do to get traffic.

How to get fast traffic.

You might know what is. It is an article directory. This sites purpose is to get visitors to post articles into the article directory. This means that visitors can come to the article site and read the articles.The article directory also use the articles for their own good. They use articles in their blog posts, e-mails and news letters.

If you like to get traffic to a website then you can do that in easy steps. Keep in mind that do not accept any product recommendation articles. How do I write an article about a product?

1. Determine the main advantages of the products.

ex- Article spinner- Saves time and you do not have to write manually.

ex-2 Auto social bookmarking software- saves time and you do not have to submit the blog posts manually.

2. Also determine 2 or 3 other things which can be beneficial.

ex- Article spinner can save you lots of effort, time is money so eventually saves lots of money

ex-2 Auto social bookmarker software saves lots of effort and money.

3. Create an article which has lots of benefits.

What about the product I am promoting?

You can sum up the advantages and you also can give tips how to use the product wisely. You can give tips how it can help you to make it all simple and how it can be useful to the user. You can give tips why the visitors got to buy this product.


You can put a resource box at the end of the article. This includes the skills you have and a link back to your blog. When you write a resource box keep these things in mind.

1. Make sure you do not brag about your achievements.

2. It is all about the reader. If you can offer a solution to the problems of the visitors then you are on the right track.

Now back to writing articles.

If you can write articles with problem solving solutions you can for sure get traffic. Make sure that the article contains interesting stuff to make the problems of the readers disappear. People will pay if their problems are solved. You got to offer helpful tips to solve problems that how the game works.

How to start a store for e-books.

There are many options if you like to make money online. One of the profitable ways to make money online is selling e-books. Everyday there are people looking for information on various topics. They are buying e-books to learn from or for amusement purposes. If you want to sell e-books you can write it your self or you can sell other peoples e-books.

How to start an e-book store.

Step 1. Pick a domain name. You can buy a domain name for cheap online. When you pick a domain name make sure that the domain name includes the keywords ‘e-book store’. This will help you rank for the keywords e-book store. If you use a micro niche to offer dieting e-books for sale then use the keywords which includes in the domain name.

Step 2. Pick a web hosting company. There are many options available online when it comes to web hosting companies. These web hosting companies offer very important tools to manage your e-book store sites. Many companies offer you the possibilities to open stores. Keep the bandwidth in mind because there can be extra costs when people start to download your e-books very fast. You also better do business with a web hosting company which offers payment processing.

Step 3. You must decide what types of e-books you like to sell. There are no legal issues if  you are going to sell your own e-books. If you are going to sell other peoples e-books you have to sign some sort of agreement. There are rules when it comes to downloading and passing around the e-books. If you sign a contract with the creator of the e-books. This will prevent that people can not download the more than the predetermined amount.

Step 4. You can set a payment processor to make the buyers pay you for the purchase. This will allow you to accept multiple payments for multiple downloads. You can also offer immediate downloads or offer downloads per e-mail. The payment processor should handle the payments and download without any involvement of you. You can use Clickbank or Paypal to handle the payment processing.

Step 5. If you think setting up your own e-book store is horrifying. Then you can partner with a distributor. The task of setting up payment processors and Digital Rights Management will be take care of.  If you like to partner with a distributor you can save lots of effort and you will have access to many tools and links and banners. If you go into business with one distributor it will restrict your selection of e-books. Once you make money with selling e-books you can build your own store.

How to make money online with writing.

If you have been online for the last couple years than you must have noticed that quality ‘content is king’. This is accentuated very well by Google. They have given new dimensions to ‘content is king’ by writing algorithms to rank sites and blogs by their quality. If you do not maintain your site or blog then your site or blog will not have the same rankings as it was before. Because entrepreneurs want to get quality traffic to generate sales they are craving for quality content. This has created an opportunity to make money online with writing.

There is no experience needed.

Here is the most attractive part. There is no experience needed to write and make money online. If you are fluent in English in writing you can do the job. For all types of levels of writers there are the opportunity to make money online. There are many advantages that comes along with the making money online with writing.

* You can work where and when ever you like to.

* You will get the chance to write about the topics you are passionate about.

* You can create a passive income through writing.

There are plenty more advantages than listed above and if you wonder where to start?. I have found four sites that pays you to write articles. There are two methods which is essential to know when it comes to getting paid with writing online. One of them is up-front payments. This is when companies pay in advance for writing. It does not depend on how much traffic the article receives or how it ranks. You will get paid no matter what the performance of the article is.

Performance payments sites for writing.

1. This site was called associated content before it became There are two payment methods you can make around 2 USD to 4 USD with up-front payments. You also can make money with writing from performance. It depends on how much traffic your articles will get. They will pay per 1000 page views.

2. This is also a site which pays you to write articles. You got to have a adsense account This is a revenue sharing site. They have also other ways to monetize. If you like to make money online with writing I would also be come a member of this site.

3. This is a site which pays you to write articles on any topic. No matter what your passion is you can earn money if you got an adsense account. You will get to keep 80% of the revenue. No matter where you are from you can make money with this site.

4. This is also a revenue sharing sites. I think this is one of the most famous sites when it comes to making money online with writing. It also has Amazon affiliate ads integrated. You can build hubs around the topic you like and the traffic will come in due time.

How to start a membership site to profit from it.

Couple of years ago there was a trend that took the Internet by the storm. It was making money with a membership site. If you want to sell subscriptions and want a password protected website to make money from. I will give you the needed information you need to know how to start and run a membership website for profit. With the proper tools you can start a membership website with the minimal costs. This is an opportunity which allows you to make huge money from home.

People are seeking for content online and they are willing to pay for it. This is a hot niche and niches such as match making and tutorial sites are hot. Even micro niches as dieting, DVD authoring and marketing services are hot niches.

300 million spend by the Internet users in 4 months on content in 2002.

Huge spending in 4 months by the Internet users to buy content in 2002. 155% of growth  since 2001. Inter users are buying content to regarding to their profession or their passion. The people on the Internet who subscribe to gather content are paying 9,95 USD to 19,95 USD per month. Some people pay around 200 USD per month depending on the nature of the content.

The market is growing rapidly.

The content is bought by less than 9% of the Internet users. This means a huge market potential for the savvy entrepreneur. The amount was 5 times more which considers the paid content in 2002 over 2001. That is for sure a growth of 500%. Because the market is international everybody can make a profit if they get on this adventure.

How to start your own membership site..

There are 4 key elements you need to know when you start a membership site. You got to target the right market, make it one of a kind content, finding subscribers, Add tools or services. These are the 4 steps you have to follow when you start out a membership site.

1. Find the right market.

Look for a niche what you are passionate about. You also can do a keyword research to find out what kinds of niches are doing well. This way you can find out what people are looking for online. People are willing to buy if you offer them value. If you find the right market you can gain big profits.

2. Make it one of a kind content.

The potential customers must not find the content you offer on your membership website else where for free. Running and maintaining a membership website means that you got to find new information online sometimes offline to offer to your subscribers. If you can interview experts in the field you can offer unique material to the subscribers. If you have experience then offer case studies. Once your site grows people will contact you and if you can interview them you can gain credibility in the niche by offering one of a kind material.

3. Finding subscribers.

Once you have targeted the right niche finding traffic is not hard. You can spread the word by e-zine articles, press releases, viral marketing and optimizing your site for the right keywords. And get traffic through pay-per-click and social bookmarking. These are few of the best known methods to find new subscribers.

4. Add services or tools.

Add free resources like software, e-books and free give-a-ways to convince the customers. Online you can find these things for a low cost. Outsourcing can save you lots of time so you are depending on services. It is critical to make your subscribers return .Discussion forums and free resources can get your membership site there.

Free how to blog guides.

I have found some new products online I would like to introduce to you. If you thinking about how to start a blog. Then I have found some great how to blog guides. If you wonder how to start a blog and you like to know for free which steps you got to follow. These are some free e-books that I have found. When I Googled “free how to blog guides”. These blogging guides explains it all about how to come up with a niche and how to come up with a domain name. These blogging e-books also teaches you how to find inspiration to blog. If you were looking for free guides to blogging. Then look no further I will give you the links here under.

How to start a blog for free.

This is a great blogging guide it explains in clear steps how to start a blog. You will get to know the ins and outs about making money with blogging. You will learn how to come up with a blogging niche, how to pick a domain name, how to find related keywords to optimize your blog for. You will learn where to find the new trends to write about in your niche.

How to start a free

In this free tutorial you will learn how to set up a free wordpress blog. This video explains how to start a free blog. This is a clear easy step by step tutorial which explains the process of blog creation in easy steps. This is a quick guide to learn how to make a free wordpress blog.

Definitive guide to blogging.

This site will gives you access to a most clear explanation of how to use the proper tools to make your blog grow. This free guide to blogging can give you easy step by step explanations how to start a blog and make money online. Making money online has never been easier with this free guide that I offer to you.

Start a blog.

You will learn how to start a blog and make money online. In easy eight steps you can make money with a blog. There are 172 million blogs and the competition is fierce. You will learn how to set up a blog and what it takes to maintain a blog. You will learn how to come up with a domain name after deciding what your niche will be that you are going to blog about.