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Make money as a hotel affiliate.

If you are looking for a method to make money online then I would like to introduce this affiliate program which promotes hotels. If you are travel savvy then you have experience to share then you can start a website which contains hotel deals.  This site that I am going to offer is way better than that you have to build a website with each review of the hotel.

Lets say you have a plan to build an affiliate website and you want to promote hotel deals then you can start an affiliate website and write hotel reviews. You do not have to build a website that it is only dedicated to hotels. No matter what your site is about you can implement this comparison tool to monetize your traffic. This can make you lots of money if you can convert the prospects.

The benefits of This is a site which offers the possibility to offer a comparison service of world’s leading hotels. This way you can earn commission. Offer users the possibility to search with one click the availability and hotel prices. This tool will save the users time.

More income for you: It is very profitable to display a service which help the users to find the best hotel deals. This is an extra income source for you. You can monetize your traffic this way. It is industry leading conversation rates are offered.

Your brand is king: This is a white label solution it fits your website and there is no cost to you to use it. I think it is a code you will get to copy and paste on the side bar of the website. This is a great way to get the most out of the traffic you get to the website.

Faster payments: If you make money with this affiliate programs the money will be send to your Paypal account or bankwire. This is monthly. I think it can pile up for a month and finally get paid what a great feeling.

Expert support: If you need any help to make more out the promotional activities you do to make money online as an affiliate then you can turn towards the technical and commercial support of this website called

Your language: If you prefer your language there are for now these language is available  French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese Brasileiro and Indonesian – with more languages to come.


How to get targeted traffic for free.

#1 Article Marketing.

If you are familiar with the Google keyword tool. Then you can type in the main keyword in the keyword tool to find the related keyword and the search volume of the related keywords and if you can write articles with these keywords containing in the content of the articles then you can get targeted traffic to your site or blog. There are free and paid tools which makes the whole process less time consuming.

#2 Use WebZine.

If you can write articles with well optimized with targeted keywords and post to online magazines with a large amount of members you can get traffic to your blog through placing a link under the articles. There are daily lots of people looking for new information and if you can find the untapped markets then you can be an expert in the niches and this is exactly how you got to present in the articles and this can be a reason for prospects to convert.

#3 Join Social. 

You can join social sites and share your links with other users this way there is the possibility to send traffic to your main website and for example you can join sites like this link . There are lots of users on Facebook and if you can get new friends to share your link with then you can convert prospects from social media sites.

#4 Spread an free E-book. 

If you can write a free e-book with links containing in the e-book to send traffic to your blog to present a new product you promote can be a great method to convert prospects. Write useful information and pick products you are promoting and put these links in the e-book.

#5 Set Up a Blog.

If you have a website you can set up a free or WordPress blog about your topic and place articles about the products you promote on your website. Write product reviews and place this on your blog and send customers to certain products after informing them on your blog. You can allow customers to post opinions or testimonials about the products to generate more sales.

#6 Comment on blogs.

If you want to generate easy backlinks then you have to get your self free-link-building-software to help you get started with generating backlinks. All you have to do is get a comment software and find out about the high pr blogs and comment to generate a backlink. Do not spam be relevant.


How to get 9 pr backlinks quick.

If you are into Internet marketing then you know that traffic is an important issue. Here below I will show you  how to get backlinks from high pr sites. There is also a linkwheel invented to get higher rankings. I will explain later how to build a linkwheel.

#1 Backlink with

Go to and click forums then click register with your information. After completing the registration go to forums home page. You will find a thread with the name of “Your WordPress”. Click on that thread and post something similar.

For example this is my new WordPress blog and suggest me a new theme. Now you have a 9 pr backlink.

#2. Backlink with

Go to and then click register. Complete the whole process of registration and put a link of your site in the profile. Add some useful posts to the forum and you have 9 pr backlink.

#3. Backlink with 

Go to then with your personal information. Put your site’s link of your site in the signature and post a useful posts. Then you have 9 pr backlinks.

How to build a linkwheel to get high pr backlinks.

Link wheel is use to create a high pr backlinks from web 2.0. This is creating backlinks from high pr sites pointing to your main website. Building a link wheel is seen as a an advanced SEO technique. But anyone can build a link wheel without any hassle.

Here below you will find out what kinds of sites we  can create backlinks from.

Go to Livejournal (PR 8) and create a blog with an article with a link pointing to the main website or blog. And then go to there create a blog with an article that points to the main website and the Livejournal website. Go to Weebly and create a blog and put a link back to the main website and a link to the main website. Go to Tumbler (PR 8) create a blog and then put an article on it and put a link back to your main website and Weebly. After that go to Squidoo and create a blog and put an article on it point a link to the Tumblr and the main website. After that go to and create a blog with an article and point a link at Squidoo and the main website.

1.    Livejournal (PR8)
2.    WordPress (PR 9)
3.    Weeby (PR 8)
4.    Tumbler (PR 8)
5.    Squidoo (PR 8)
6. 8)


4 surefire ways to get ahead of the competition.

No doubt that it is true that competition is here to stay. There always be a other businesses waiting to get the customers into their world of worth for your money. Yeah… you have to look for new ways to get ahead of the competition. There are 3 ways to minimize the impact they will have on your business.

#1 Utilize non traditional marketing strategies.

It is a hard task to stand out from the competition when the competition constantly copy the marketing campaigns of the competitors. We all want profits when you see another business using a certain marketing method businesses jump on the band wagon and want to enjoy the same amount of success as the competition.

Rather than following a heard, look for way to stand out with using an advertising campaign no business is using right now. For example you can print postcards that leads people to your website. It is a rare heard method to market your website offline and eventually get traffic from sending postcards.

#2 Explore hidden markets.

The Internet is used for information. If you can find a market online which is untapped and people are looking for help to make their life easier. They are still missing something if you can fill that in for them through getting them to your website. If you can uncover markets and serve the customers which is filling in the missing link to help people what they want. You have found a market you can make money out of.

#3 Become the expert.

We all take advice rather from someone with the know how. They are the ones that knows the subject in and out. If you can brand your self as an expert through digging into subjects to help the customers with the advice they need. This way you can get customers who are looking for advice.

You do not have to be expert in one niche be an expert in few niches. You can emphasize your expertise in one field. You got to know that people are willing to pay for advice from an expert. You can get testimonials and you can raise the price little bit.

# Promote your business online.

If you are into online business you want to get ahead of the competition you can try different methods at the same time. Let’s say you are promoting an affiliate website than do social media marketing, on and off page optimization, pay per click and building backlinks through directory submission or article marketing.


Google trends explained

As we know that it is all about keyword research if you want visitors to find you in a certain time period. I think Google Trends is an easy tool to find the most famous searches in a certain time frame. It is certainly not a spam bot that boost your niche blogs’ traffic.

This is a tool you can use to find the amount of searches and the hottest topic at the moment. Google trends will give you this tool for no cost for you. It is totally free. If you are a blogger and you like to start blogs about certain niches. Then you can use Google Trends to find the amount of searches per month.

How to use Google Trends to find hot niches?

If you go to Google trends type in the main keywords in the search box. It will give you a graphic how much searches per month is done per region and globally. There are also related keywords featured on the Google trend site. Google Trends will give you the right type of tools to get the amount of traffic you want. If you are already skilled in generating traffic then you might know it is not automatic. You have to utilize the skill set to get the amount of traffic you want. This free tool does not compare however one keyword with another.  But the amount of keywords you can compare is five.

Let’s get it all cleared up with an  example. If you search for SEO. You can find out which keywords are exactly are typed in the search box by the user. And you can do a search with keywords “Link building” and “Link building services”. This way you can see both of the amounts of searches.

You can also follow the social media for the hot niches. The Google Trend tool provide you the exact amount of searches per keyword. This is really a great tool to find high volume keywords and the Google Keyword tool is also a great tool.

If you have a thing for celebs than you can use this niche to make money online. If you want blogs all for free you can use to set up blogs about the niches you found. With Google Trends you can get the needed information to find the amount of searches and related keywords. If you can optimize the page with the right keywords then you have the chance to rank in the search engines.


How one of my poetry blogs got more than 10000 pageviews.

I have been maintaining blogs for years. I am a rapper who share my raps with readers through maintaining a poetry blog. This blog contains about 73 short raps with word amount around 80 words. I have to record those raps yet. I have generated these pageviews through setting up a search engine optimization plan and executing it. Check below what the search engine optimization methods are.

#1. Directory Submission.

If you have build a new website we all know it needs attention. To get visitors you have to build links back to your site from authority sites. The .edu sites are very much valued by Google’s algorithms. If you have quality links back your sites it will rank higher in the search engines. There are people looking in the directories and this way you can get targeted traffic to your site or blog.

#2. Social bookmarking. If you want to get targeted traffic you have to social bookmark your posts so that you can share with people on the social media sites. I think sites like Facebook, Twitter has worked just well for me. I think the amount of traffic you can get depends on the quality of the content. Make sure your content is original. The search engines love original content. You can use a software to make the process of submitting less time consuming.

#3. On Page Optimization. If you can do a keyword research and find out the low competition keywords with lots of local and global visits per month and rank for those words high in the search engines you can get lots of targeted traffic. Make sure that those keywords you have selected contains in the content of the site or blog. If your site or blog is about money making online and you write a post about making money online with a website. Optimize the content for keywords like “make money, make money online with a site, make money with a site, how to make money online with a website, how to get paid with online with a website. And so on.

#4. Buying a backlink package. If you like to rank for certain keywords and you can buy a backlink package of the sites which supply this. You can choose from page rank 1 to 10. There are sites for real deliver this service to web masters. This means quality backlinks that makes it basically easier to rank high in the search engines and your site or blog will get real targeted traffic. I think buying is a great alternative to building links of your own.

#5 Write a press release. You can write a press release and submit to the relevant sites to get targeted traffic to your site or blog. If it is going to be launched make sure you give people the chance to get to know that there is a blogs or sites are going to be launched which it might concern them. If the people are exploring the press release sites they will click through the appropriate categories to find the sites or blogs which interest them. This way they will be send to your sites or blog through a press release sites.

#6 Make a Youtube Slideshow. If you do not have a software to make videos than you can download a slideshow making software. This way you can present your product and include a link back to your website in the description. This way you can make money with optimizing your slideshows and this is double effective. Do a Google search for slideshow making software.

#7. Comment On Blogs. If you like to build links then you can get a software to use to make the whole process of commenting on other blogs less time consuming. This means quality backlinks. You can choose the keyword and find the amount of blog to comment on and you can pick the page rank you like to build quality links to. I think you have to give the other blogger a true opinion and make sure that you do not spam the blogs. I think you can at least read the post and give your opinion.


3 surefire tactics for every business.

If you have a business you know that you have to try new things per season to generate more sales than the previous months. You can offer special offers to the prospects, Contact the small groups of customers and set up referral contest to reward the best referrer. These are 3 surefire tactics to increase the profits. You can try these tactics to make more money. If you are a business owner you can remember your first day as a business owner. Like we all are you could be happy and full of proud on the side. At that point you are full of the idea that it is truly possible to conquer the world. Now we are constantly looking for a way to get the piece of the pie that every corner of the world has to offer. It is not so if you can learn few new tips from successful marketers who have made it big. These tips can be applied to every market no matter what product or services it concerns. These new things will motivate the business owners to try something new. You can not predict when the next million dollar hunch will occur.

 #1. You Can Create Special Offers. Special offer must be special which is that you offer for a limited time or you can offer a software which is not available else where. There is no need to go order a whole lot of products to create a package or combination deal. Just with the flow and you will find out that the customers are buying a combination of products rather than one product and they are willing to pay more if you can add value to the products or services. Yeah…combination offers are the winners! The customers you can convince buying combination offers buy grouping related products together.

 #2. Contact The Small Customer Groups. You can find niche markets anywhere you want. You are maybe already serving groups of people who can be English speaking people, group of teens, middle class families. Evaluate these groups of people and find out the unique needs and desires they have. This will make you possible to adjust the advertising campaign to the right audience. This also concerns that you brand your self as an expert through letting the prospects know that you understand them. The thanks you get is in profits. 

#3. Set Up a Referral Contest.Give the successful marketers that chance to refer all the people they can to the contest and let the referrals be the advocates. People are looking for ways to make their life easier everyday. Everyday they browse the Internet looking for answers for the betterment of their lives. If you as a referrer can lead the people towards a sweeter deal. This will make you get commissions. Reward the best referrer and they bring you business and treat them with prizes.