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How to come up with ideas to write on your blog

If you have been blogging or article writing for awhile then you must know the moments that you can not seem to find any inspiration and you are staring into the screen. This is totally normal. This can happen to any type of blogger or article writer. Either you are a professional or a newbie, writers block can happen. If you in such a situation then you have to find new dosage of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Check these tips to write impressive articles and blog posts.

1. Check out people are talking about.

Best way to find out what people are talking about is to check videos, keep an eye on the social media sites, check newsletters, promotional e-mails from affiliates. Sites which they might introduce to you for instance about getting money online. Also you can keep close eye on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google trends, Trendsmap, Ice Rocket, Trendrr and Tweet volume.

2. Get ideas mailed to your e-mail address.

Google Alerts will send you updates about trends and ideas about the categories you choose frequently. This will give you plenty of ideas to write about. This is a free service you will get ideas in a video format, article format, news letter format. Do not sleep on the issues of Google Alerts. This can bring you fresh ideas to write attractive blog posts and articles.

3. Read more and write more.

More you read more you can write. Keep your mind on blogs and forums in your niche. This will increase your creativity and will help you to get more inspiration. Also read the newspapers and related articles to get you inspired to come up with fresh content. It is better not to copy and paste content. This will mess up the credibility of your articles or blogs.

4. Review a site, product or service.

If there is no inspiration left then you can turn to writing reviews. If your blog is about making money online you can write a review about a Clickbank product or any other product, service or site. This can get you sales plus you can gain readers to your blog. That is double impact. Be descriptive and offer people information about advantages and disadvantages and why they should buy the product. Do not forget to mention the price.

5. Q&A sites and forums.

Explore the forums and questions and answers sites for inspiration and write down a list of questions people asked on these sites. Blog about it or write articles to get attention from the search engines and get traffic to your blog. Some of these popular sites are Yahoo answers, Wiki Answers, Askmefast and if you do a Google search you can get a whole list.