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affiliate newbies marketing guides

If you like to make money online then you can explore the Internet for a suitable online money making methods. I would like to introduce affiliate marketing to you to make money. It requires effort and some knowledge to get started. In a brief description I can explain to you what affiliate marketing is. It is selling other peoples products for a commission. If you already have some knowledge or you have no knowledge at all about affiliate marketing. You can read these e-books for more knowledge about affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate newbie marketing guide.
This e-book takes you step by step towards fruitful profit gains with affiliate marketing. You will learn the ins and outs about advertising value online. This can get you lots of traffic. As we all know without traffic there is no surviving when it comes to making money online. You will learn important marketing terms to help you out and to get more knowledge about the topic. You also will get to know how to identify affiliate programs to get the most revenue. You will learn how to identify the best tracking programs if you set up an affiliate program.

2. Free affiliate marketing e-book from super affiliate Jonathan Volk
In the first section you will find information about introduction to affiliate marketing. In the second section you will find what affiliate marketing is. This section explains in detail what you need to know exactly what affiliate marketing is. In the section three you will find out what an affiliate network is. And you will learn more about affiliate marketing in this e-book.

3. Free affiliate marketing e-book
In this e-book you can learn what it takes to succeed with affiliate marketing. This e-book takes you through all the important issues on how to make money online. You will learn how to find a niche for your affiliate website. You will also learn how to get highly targeted traffic and how to convert the visitors into buyers. Keep in mind that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Affiliate marketing is legit money making method. It requires dedication and effort to make it work. You will learn how to make money online in this free e-book.

4. Keys to success in affiliate marketing
Ginett Degner is an affiliate marketer since 1993 and also an affiliate manager and a consult for apple. She has wrote this e-book how to make money online with affiliate marketing. She is one of the best instructors that has guided people towards successful online money making with affiliate marketing. I would for sure check this out e-book out if you like to make money online with affiliate marketing.

How to make an affiliate website, Step by Step.

As you might know the possibilities are numerous when it comes to making money online. For instance you can make money filling out surveys. This is one of the options. If you like to build a passive income online then you can make money with affiliate marketing.

If you like to make money online with affiliate marketing it is ethical as the intermediate between the merchant and the customer to have a website build around a niche. The best is to find a profitable niche and do the needed keyword research to optimize the site for.

What is a niche?

Niche is a segment which you focus on to sell your products to the certain part of the Internet users looking for that special part of the market for items.

Examples of niches: Golf, electronic goods, health products, skin care products, digital goods.

You can narrow down the niches and go specialize in golf clubs only, if you narrow down the niche of health products you can go sell drugs like slimming products. If you narrow down the niche of skin care products then you can sell cremes, lotions and oils and so on.

Finding a niche.

There 3 main factors to consider when you getting into a niche.

1. When you are looking for a niche consider your interests and expertise.

To save time and effort of researching you can get into a field which has your interest to help you to keep the long term focus. It is better than getting into a niche which has no interest of your side. Once you have some expertise about a topic you can gain credibility by sharing useful tips with your prospects. This can be seen as promotion to get the word about your affiliate website.

2. Check out the competition.

It is better to focus on micro niches because highly competitive niches are hard to make  an income with. Micro niches unlike macro niches are less competitive and there are the possibilities to make money online with. The affiliate marketing is not a easy task you got to work a steady flow to make money so it can take some burden and financial risks off your back if you choose a less competitive micro niche.

3. You got to research if the niche is profitable and if there is a demand?

You do not want to build an affiliate website if there is nobody is searching for that niche. If you want to get a head of the competition then you got to research if there is a demand. You can use micro niche finder. This software if not for free. I think finding a niche with less competition is the best policy.

How to make money online from affiliate marketing?

If you like to make money online then affiliate marketing is an option. You can make money by signing up with affiliate sites like Clickbank, Commission Junction or Neverblue ads. Then once you send visitors to affiliate links then visitors buy the affiliate products through your affiliate links then you make commissions. That is a predetermined percentage of the sales price.

How does affiliate marketing work?

If you are not able to create a product then affiliate marketing is the cheapest way to make money online. I must say that it not the easiest way because the competition is fierce. Once you sign up with a website which sells affiliate products then you will be provided a unique affiliate link for each product you choose to sell. With this link you can send traffic to the merchant’s site where the product is sold. Most affiliate sites will provide text links, banners and promo tools you can use to send traffic to the merchant’s sites. When visitors get interested they will click through to the merchant’s website and once the visitors buy products you will get a commission because you generated a sale.

The affiliate site can track your sales through the affiliate id and the affiliate software. You can access the stats in real time and track your sales. In certain cases you do not have to sell products to make commissions. You can get paid once you send visitors to the merchants websites. That is called Pay-per-click. You will be paid a predetermined amount of money for each click. You also can make money when visitors leave their contact information in the lead capture pages. This can be e-mail addresses, telephone numbers or names.

Why affiliate marketing to make money online?

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing online money making techniques. Check out why this is.

Cost effective: Internet marketing is cheap because you can make money online selling other people’s products. You do not need to develop a product of your own. There is no need for hiring employees or do not need a physical business location.

Work from the comfort of your home: You do not need to leave your home to make money online with affiliate marketing. You do not need to wake up early and you can work when ever you like. Getting stuck in the traffic jams are forever a thing of the past.

No customer support: There is no need for customer support you do not have to worry about dealing with customer complaints. Quite a relief because it can cost you lots of money to provide customer support. The customer support is provided by the merchants.

Passive income: This easy money making. When you have a 9 till 5 you can make a fixed amount. Even when you are not working front of your computer you can make money as an affiliate.

No fees: You do not have to pay any fees to join any affiliate programs.

No storage or shipping: You do not have to store any products and you do not care about handle the shipping.

Alternatives to

If you like to make money as an affiliate then there are several sites that can help you to make money as an affiliate. If you like to make money as an affiliate then you can not get around This site approves inside their approval zone any affiliate account. If you are outside of their approval zone then you will have trouble getting approved into their market place.

If you like to make money online without any investments with then article marketing is a way to go. I can say that I have great experience with making money online as an affiliate with article marketing with I must say that they still owe me a check, but hey I made money with that is quite an achievement.

7 alternatives. This is an alternative to This site offers a great tracking possibilities and pay their checks on time and they offer relatively lower rates because they charge the vendors more than other sites for their services.

As seen on pc: This site is easy to get accepted and offers lots of products to promote mostly digital products. Offers great service for their clients. No matter if you are an affiliate or a vendor. Much like clickbank and easy to get your affiliate account approved. Offer solutions for affiliates, shoppers and vendors. This site offers health products. If you like to promote health products then this is the site to go for. Easy to get accepted and you can make lots of money with this site.

Commission Junction: This site offers great amount of digital products you can make money by promoting digital goods and physical goods. Easy to get accepted and has lots of earning potential. The earning potential is big and relatively easy to get accepted and not as much as offers like commission junction but worth a shot. This is for advanced and intermediate affiliates it requires some prove of affiliate sales to get accepted. If you are making money with other sites like Clickbank you can get accepted. If you a beginner and you can send traffic to your affiliate links though pay-per-click then you can get accepted to their market place to promote affiliate products.

There are hundreds of these networks and it is the best to stick to ones that is commonly known on the Internet for their reliable reputation. There are also networks that is not that reputable so I would go for above mentioned networks.

How to make money online with posting on Craigslist as a Clickbank affiliate.

If you like to make money online then I would like to introduce making money online on Craigslist as an Clickbank affiliate. You can post classified ads on Craigslist and make money as an affiliate. When you write an ad to post on Craigslist it need to be clean and trustworthy. When you write an ad copy consider describing true facts and not false information. This can harm your credibility as an expert in your niche. Give the visitors information about the products how it can be beneficial to the customer.

Step 1. Go to Clickbank and sign into your affiliate account and click on the link “Marketplace”. at the top of the page.

Step 2. Fill in the keywords in the search box and find products that sell well. You can find products that converts by gravity or commission.

Step 3. To create an affiliate link you can use the promote button and there will be pop-up window which appears on the screen. Then click the “create” button.

Step 4. You can copy the HTML code this is your affiliate link. And believe me this link is ugly looking like a bat from hell. Use to shorten this URL. This is more secure because there is also affiliate link hacking going on the net.

Step 5. If you go to and click the “For Sale” link in the middle of the main page. In the upper right corner is the “Post” link.

Step 6. For the category you wish to post the classifieds ad in click the radio button and after that click “Continue” button. For the geographical area you wish to advertise to advertise your affiliate product and click “Continue”. That is on the next page.

Step 7. If you go to the “Posting Description” text area and copy the Clickbank affiliate HTML code. If you like to create a custom text replace the “Click Here” with your own.


Step 8. Write the details like posting title, price, your email address describe the product in clear words and why potential customers should buy it.

Step 9.  You can add images by clicking the “Add/Edit images” button. Beneath that area it shows four image spots. When you click the “Choose File” button to browse you can browse the computer for an image. The best option is to use a cool, crisp image that shows the product you are promoting. It is possible to add four separate images to the ad.

Step 10. You can click the “Continue” button to review the ad. After that click the “Continue” button again when you are on the next page. Then there after you will receive your e-mail and click a link in the confirmation email that Craigslist sends you before the ad is live on the site.