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How to create an automatically blogs for free and make money.

If you have a plan for making money online then you have various choices to start a fruitful business. If you are just new online then keep on reading. I have made hundreds of dollars with this auto blog empires. It is easy and there is a free version of the autoblogging software on the net you can download this software and upgrade if you like. In the free version there are autoblogging reports featured on the blog pages once the blog is updated.

How to create an empire of auto blogs: If you do not have a blogger account get about 10 and build 10 blogs per account. If you know the exactly what the high paying Adsense niches are then you can get automatic content through RSS for your automatic blogs and this will make the Adsense ads appear which are relatively high paying. Here are some high paying Adsense keywords.

Training, like life coaching training NLP training
Executive/business coaching
Financial stuff more generally
certain medical conditions 
yes legal stuff / finding lawyers
Insurance related
Loan related

How to create the domain names which includes the keywords: If you are new to blogger do not worry because you are in good hands and it is only in 3 steps possible to create a blog. If you are going to create a blog about Forex then look for domain name with Forex in the domain name and make sure it is not too long and make sure that people can remember it with out busting their brain.

How to monetize your blogs: If you do not have an Adsense account get one and add the urls of the blogs to your Adsense account. If you are at the dashboard of blogger then you can add a gadget and pick add Adsense out the pop up menu. There are also other possibilities to monetize your blog with you can create a Clickbank account and sign up with and get banners most favorite are wide skyscrapers. Once your automatic blog content gathers there will be suitable ads on the banner.

Free auto blogging software:

To make money you need traffic you can get traffic from submitting your blogs to directories  You can social bookmark your blogs with a software. Or you can submit to article directories to get traffic.