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How to make money online with creating blogspot.com blogs

If you like to make money online then you can consider making money with free blogspot.com blogs. This can only be effective if you build a virtual real estate with these blogspot.com blogs. If you like to make blogs then you can sign up for free with blogger.com.

How to create a virtual real estate empire with blogger.com?

First of all you need about 10 email addresses. If you sign up with www.blogger.com then build 10 blogs per account. This is needed because it is saver to use 10 different e-mail addresses for 100 blogs. Otherwise blogger.com can take your blogs offline if you have 100 blogs on the same account.

How to pick domain names?

Lets say you have 10 niches where you like to build blogger.com blogs around. So focus on one niche per account. Let’s assume you have a niche called make money online. Choose make money online in the domain name. I think you have to be a little creative when you are choosing a domain name. Once you have domain names focus on pretty templates

How to add content to blogger.com blogs?

If you place 10 posts per blog can be effective and the search engines loves original content. If you do not have the time to write the content the you can find articles in the article directories by searching. And if you find content place a link back to where the original content is featured. I think you also can find an autoblogging software and get free content on auto pilot.

How to monetize your blogs?

You can sign up with Adbrite.com to display text link ads. This can make you a great amount of money depending on the traffic your blogs generate. Also you can sign up with Click bank pro ads and get instant approval. They have great banners to you can display on your blogs. These banners display Clickbank ads. Once you generated a sale you can make commission.

How to optimize your blogs?

As you might know off page optimization is very important. I think building links back to your blogs is important. You can do directory submission, article submission and blog commenting. Or you can participate in forum discussions and do not forget to place a link in the signature.

I can say for sure this is not a get quick rich scheme you have to build inbound links to get ranked in the search engine and there is the chance that Google snatch your blogs when you add more than 10 blogs per blogger.com account. So be careful.

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