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5 best Clickbank alternatives.

If you are looking for alternatives to clickbank. Then I have found 5. All the features are similar. You can sign up for an account and pick products to promote. Clickbank is a digital marketplace and if you take Amazon for example. They also offer other products. If you like to promote books or you like to promote MP3′s. Here under you can find the list of Clickbank alternatives.

1. Commission Junction: This is a site which pays you to promote digital products like ebooks and tutorials. There are many online money making products featured. If you like to make money on Craigslist then this site can be quite important. You can pick products which converts well and promote to make money online. This site must be in your arsenal if you are embarking on an adventure like making money as an affiliate. This site is a site with user friendly features. There is a market place where you can find the product to promote. This is an Indian site. They will pay you to promote their products. You can sign up clicking the link above. This link takes you right to the affiliate sign up page. You can promote tablets, clothing, watches and anything you find in a huge store this you will find on this site. This is a huge online store in need for affiliates to promote their site. As a reward you will make money when you refer converting visitors.

3. Click on the link to become an affiliate for this site. This site pays more than 100.000,00 usd per month to affiliates. This is a great looking website with all the easy features to shop till you drop. There are more than on way to make money an affiliate. You can make money by displaying ads on your site. This is to be exact an e-commerce site. There are profits you can gain if you know what to promote. You can display image ads or text ads on your site to make money online as an affiliate.

4. This is a great site with a huge earning potential. If you become an affiliate you will be able to use promotional tools like text, image and banner ads can be used to promote the Amazon products from your website or blog. You can make customize widgets with certain product or products to present to visitors from your site or blog.

5.Google affiliate network: This is a site to pay you to drive traffic to affiliate ads. Once you can convert targeted traffic into clicks you will make money. This is a great site. You will need an Adsense account to make money online with this affiliate network. I think generating lots of traffic can make your income stream grow rapidly.