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How to boost your search engine optimization status.

One of the main issues is when a site is just launched to get enough visibility. To improve this you need a search engine optimization campaign. The best way to get there is to promote the sites. When you ask your self how do I promote a site then consider Pay Per Click. This is not the most targeted traffic. The traffic must be generated organically. Then the question remains how do I get quality traffic that converts. This post reveals how to gain more search engine visibility without a large budget.

Creating your quality content is an important issue. If you can produce useful content to place on your blogs or create infographics then you can for sure get organic traffic. You got to appeal a certain way to build a targeted traffic stream to your blogs. When you write blog posts make sure that you make the post unique as possible. This will for sure gain more visibility in the search engines. You can use the Google keyword tool to find the relevant keywords to optimize your posts for. Finding the right keywords to optimize your blogs content is a way to get the stream of traffic you like. Target high volume of search terms will get you more visibility in the search engines. You can pick keywords with low competition with high volume of searches to insert in the title or throughout the body of the article.

Once you created posts share this through several mediums. Insert many links in the post and link to other articles. You can exchange links through certain sites. Once a large website links to your website the impact on the search engine optimization will improve. It is not easy to get backlinks from important relevant sites. It impacts on seo when you insert links in the post. There is something that you need to know what you might consider weird or dangerous. That is that the quantity of links is more important that quality of links to achieve good rankings.

There is the possibility to utilize your content through social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or LinkeDIn. The sharing on social media contributes to the search engine optimization campaign. This is for sure a way to get more exposure to your content. The audience you reach might share your content among their followers. This is great because this means more traffic to your blogs. 

Add keywords to your footer links to give more user friendly functions to the visitors. It is also important that you make the text so unique possible. Do not repeat the same words too much. Use Meta description tags to get found in the search engines. 

Google trends explained

As we know that it is all about keyword research if you want visitors to find you in a certain time period. I think Google Trends is an easy tool to find the most famous searches in a certain time frame. It is certainly not a spam bot that boost your niche blogs’ traffic.

This is a tool you can use to find the amount of searches and the hottest topic at the moment. Google trends will give you this tool for no cost for you. It is totally free. If you are a blogger and you like to start blogs about certain niches. Then you can use Google Trends to find the amount of searches per month.

How to use Google Trends to find hot niches?

If you go to Google trends type in the main keywords in the search box. It will give you a graphic how much searches per month is done per region and globally. There are also related keywords featured on the Google trend site. Google Trends will give you the right type of tools to get the amount of traffic you want. If you are already skilled in generating traffic then you might know it is not automatic. You have to utilize the skill set to get the amount of traffic you want. This free tool does not compare however one keyword with another.  But the amount of keywords you can compare is five.

Let’s get it all cleared up with an  example. If you search for SEO. You can find out which keywords are exactly are typed in the search box by the user. And you can do a search with keywords “Link building” and “Link building services”. This way you can see both of the amounts of searches.

You can also follow the social media for the hot niches. The Google Trend tool provide you the exact amount of searches per keyword. This is really a great tool to find high volume keywords and the Google Keyword tool is also a great tool.

If you have a thing for celebs than you can use this niche to make money online. If you want blogs all for free you can use to set up blogs about the niches you found. With Google Trends you can get the needed information to find the amount of searches and related keywords. If you can optimize the page with the right keywords then you have the chance to rank in the search engines.