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How to create a free video blog.

If you like to create a video blog also known as vlog you can do that in easy steps. A collection of videos is called a vlog. You can create it for free and share your work with your audience. The only few things you need is a Camcorder and editing software. Also you need a high-speed Internet connection. If you posses these things you can produce a successful video blog.

1] First of all there is the need for a theme. It the best to get a theme which is suitable for the topic of your blog. If you are designer there is no problem for you to design one. If you are a beginner then you can get a free or paid theme. If you do not have the capital to buy a  theme for your video blog. Click here for free video themes.

2] If you like to host your blog for free that you can do with If you like to get a paid host that is even better because if do not like your video blog they will snatch your video blog right under your nose. If you want to host your videos then you can go to or Vimeo.

3] You need a name for the video blog. More important is the content so adding content frequently is very important. If you think of a catchy name for your video blog then you can get more traffic. They will keep coming back when they can remember your video blog’s name.

4] Add some content. Adding content with insightful sources is the best policy. This is very important for traffic. Before launching your vlog add some content to make visitors come to your video blog. You got to add relevant content. This is a great move for the optimization of your vlog.

5] Post your videos to your video blog. Once you have created videos then you can upload your videos to the video host and after that post it to the video blog. Add catchy titles and that can improve your video blog’s visibility of your videos. Also put tags in the descriptions.

6] How to find videos. Explore video sites to find videos that other people have produced and this way you can post videos without much efforts. You can embed the videos of video sites to gain more traffic.

7] How to promote your video blog. This you can do by adding content and also with search engine optimization. You can submit your video blog into directories. Promote your video blog through e-mail and tell your family and friends to spread the word.

8] Make money from your video blog. With you can make money online. That is one of the major sites to make money online by becoming a partner.