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How to make money on


If you like to make money on you can get started without much hassle. Although you do not have any experience then you can get started with or any other sites that pays you do tasks.

There are few things you got to keep in mind to succeed. Here under I will describe what you got to do to make money online with

* The main issue is that everything on sell for 5 usd and you will make 4 usd and the rest is forĀ Doing much tasks you can gain much attention from prospects and build credibility.

* It is very important to set up a gig that draw much attention from This means once you get traffic to your gig the people will ask you to do the tasks. This way you can make lots of money.

* You can use to get traffic and use this service to get higher rankings and value. It is significant to get traffic to your gigs and when you offer value this can be for sure achieved.

All you have to do is set up a gig and gain attention from prospects to do tasks for 5 usd. This site is called because everything you can sell is done for 5 usd. This is great when you are an expert in a certain field. You can offer your expertise for 5 usd per gig.

But you do not need to be an expert to do tasks you can take pictures, edit videos, submit a site to directories for example. More gigs you have done more credibility you will get. This is logic.

Tips to make money on

More gigs you will post more you will make. Then you have the chance to get noticed by the prospects. This can eventually increase the chance on profits more. More gigs means more attention and more profits.

If you only place one gig it would not be effective as you place few more to get the most exposure. This is the same if you place ads on for example or the news papers.

Offer high quality.

If you take quality serious then you can be sure of profits. If you offer products or services that stands out from others and you can brand your self as an expert that means that you can make lots of money.

Be descriptive.

If you are a photographer and you can write down titles like photographer for hire, hire a photographer, will shoot landscapes for 5 usd and so on and so on. Be sure that you describe clearly what your product or service is about.