4 methods to make money online without a website.

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Youtube videos:

If you are looking for a way to make money online without a website then you can make money online making and uploading youtube videos. I have made about 30 videos. I made slideshows and added audio of my raps. I have a partnership with youtube. I have monetized the videos and it is looking good. I have planned 400 videos. This is simply making 400 songs and slideshows. This seems to be a simple deal for me since I have been doing the rap thing since 1995 and making beats not even 5 years ago. I focus on writing raps. I have about 230 beats made and they are all symphonic hypnotizing beats. If you are good in drawing you can make slideshows of your designs and arts. There are software on the market to make youtube videos this will save you lots of time.

Write articles:

If you are web savvy you know that content is still king. There are sites that pays you to write content for them. If you know how to use correct English grammar then you will get hired. Since most of us have a high school diploma. Lots of people will get accepted to write content for sites. If you like to write this is your chance. If you are looking for new inspiration then I can offer you a tip to pick a topic what you are really interested in. This will keep your long term focus on making money with writing articles. If you go to Fiverr.com then offer your article for 5 dollars a piece you will make lots of money depending on how much articles you write and get accepted by the sites.

Start a blog:

If you have plans to start a blog just go for your most passionate topic. In my case it is making money online with a blog. I have big plans for this blog. I am just going to add content till it gets page rank 4. I have made a rap music blog with short 50 words raps and this blog received 19000 page views. I have not made any money with this blog but I have made cool 3000 usd with another blog. If you start a blog keep in mind that adding new content is the issue. Once you add content frequently then there is no problem.

Get a Forex account:

If you like to make money online with trading currency then you can google the word forex accounts. This will gather a list of results you can use to find a forex broker. It is good to do some background check about forex trading. This can be a risky business when you have no knowledge so ever about forex trading. There are also the possibility to sign up for a binary option account. This is so easy like one, two, three.


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