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How to make money online without a website.

You can make money online with a website but also you can make money online without a website with affiliate marketing. If you are skilled in making money online with keyword research and why not get into pay-per-click marketing.

Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter would not mind if you direct link your pay-per-click ads to an affiliate website. This is not allowed with Google Adwords. Direct linking is that you can link your pay-per-click ads to a merchants website. If you may link to an affiliate site of a merchant means that you do not need a website to send traffic to. You get a commission when the click-throughs convert.

This is a great way to make some extra income.

* This will save you time, effort and just imagine writing new content to update web pages.  You do not have to go through that. You only have to pay when visitors click on your ads.

* You can do pay-per-click advertising and sell other peoples product on your site and do not have to fill your site up with affiliate links which might intimidate potential customers.

* Visitors do not have to click twice. With one click they will be directed to the merchant’s website. This can be a higher conversion rate. The rule with PPC programs that they allow predetermined amount of  URL’s may point towards ads. The URL must be shown in the ads.

Free methods to promote your affiliate links.

* Through social bookmarking sites you can share your affiliate links. This is allowed on the sites like Facebook, Digg and Google Plus. It is important to brand your self as an expert in the niche and do not bomb the social bookmarking sites with your affiliate links.

* Write e-books and insert your affiliate links in the e-books and promote the e-books on social bookmarking sites.

* Make Youtube. videos and include a catchy description with the URL of the affiliate link. This is a great method to make money online without a website. Instead of building a website you can offer information about the products you are promoting in a video.

Paid methods to make money online without a website.

* E-mail marketing is also a great way to make money online without a website. You can include affiliate links in the e-mails.

* There are also traffic programs where you can buy credits to send visitors to affiliate links.