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Make money online with domain flipping.

If you like to make money online then domain flipping is a profitable business to get into. The most profitable domain names are single word domains some are sold for millions and still selling. The domains are in high demand because people are looking for domain names for their businesses or for personal use.

The main trademark of this business is low investments and high returns on investments. You can buy a domain name for 100 USD and keep it under your account for some time and later sell it for 300 USD. It is like stocks buy low sell high. This is a profitable business because it is without much risks.

Everything revolves around domain names online. If you want to go to a website then you have to type in the domain name in the browser to take you there. There are millions of domain names sold online till now and there is still the chance to make big money online with domain names while the Internet still seems to grow.

New domains.

If you create a new domain name you can build a website and upload it to the hosting account. The single word domain names are very rare nowadays to create them. You can create two word combination domain names. That is still possible. Even two words domain names are great to have because this will give you traffic.

Existing domains.

There are situations when you type in a domain name and it seems to be sold and if you type in the web browser the website do not exist. This is because the domain name is purchased and held for future purposes to sell for a higher amount of money.

If you like to sell your domain name there are sites like and that function as the middleman and ask for a commission to sell the site you own for you.

Recycled domains.

There are domain names that are registered and not available right now but will be available in few months these sites are forgotten by the owner to renew them. The single word domains are sometimes recycled and it is available in due time. If you are business savvy then keep your eyes open for these recycled domain names. Some are very fruitful to get traffic to.

Points to keep in mind when buying a domain.

* First of all target a niche and create a domain name which includes the keywords.

* Gather related keywords by doing a related keywords research.

* Use Google keyword tool to do the keyword research.

* Dot Com is the most famous extension but .org .info .are also good.