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How to make money online with writing.

If you have been online for the last couple years than you must have noticed that quality ‘content is king’. This is accentuated very well by Google. They have given new dimensions to ‘content is king’ by writing algorithms to rank sites and blogs by their quality. If you do not maintain your site or blog then your site or blog will not have the same rankings as it was before. Because entrepreneurs want to get quality traffic to generate sales they are craving for quality content. This has created an opportunity to make money online with writing.

There is no experience needed.

Here is the most attractive part. There is no experience needed to write and make money online. If you are fluent in English in writing you can do the job. For all types of levels of writers there are the opportunity to make money online. There are many advantages that comes along with the making money online with writing.

* You can work where and when ever you like to.

* You will get the chance to write about the topics you are passionate about.

* You can create a passive income through writing.

There are plenty more advantages than listed above and if you wonder where to start?. I have found four sites that pays you to write articles. There are two methods which is essential to know when it comes to getting paid with writing online. One of them is up-front payments. This is when companies pay in advance for writing. It does not depend on how much traffic the article receives or how it ranks. You will get paid no matter what the performance of the article is.

Performance payments sites for writing.

1. This site was called associated content before it became There are two payment methods you can make around 2 USD to 4 USD with up-front payments. You also can make money with writing from performance. It depends on how much traffic your articles will get. They will pay per 1000 page views.

2. This is also a site which pays you to write articles. You got to have a adsense account This is a revenue sharing site. They have also other ways to monetize. If you like to make money online with writing I would also be come a member of this site.

3. This is a site which pays you to write articles on any topic. No matter what your passion is you can earn money if you got an adsense account. You will get to keep 80% of the revenue. No matter where you are from you can make money with this site.

4. This is also a revenue sharing sites. I think this is one of the most famous sites when it comes to making money online with writing. It also has Amazon affiliate ads integrated. You can build hubs around the topic you like and the traffic will come in due time.