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How to make money online with creating blogs

If you like to make money online then you can consider making money with free blogs. This can only be effective if you build a virtual real estate with these blogs. If you like to make blogs then you can sign up for free with

How to create a virtual real estate empire with

First of all you need about 10 email addresses. If you sign up with then build 10 blogs per account. This is needed because it is saver to use 10 different e-mail addresses for 100 blogs. Otherwise can take your blogs offline if you have 100 blogs on the same account.

How to pick domain names?

Lets say you have 10 niches where you like to build blogs around. So focus on one niche per account. Let’s assume you have a niche called make money online. Choose make money online in the domain name. I think you have to be a little creative when you are choosing a domain name. Once you have domain names focus on pretty templates

How to add content to blogs?

If you place 10 posts per blog can be effective and the search engines loves original content. If you do not have the time to write the content the you can find articles in the article directories by searching. And if you find content place a link back to where the original content is featured. I think you also can find an autoblogging software and get free content on auto pilot.

How to monetize your blogs?

You can sign up with to display text link ads. This can make you a great amount of money depending on the traffic your blogs generate. Also you can sign up with Click bank pro ads and get instant approval. They have great banners to you can display on your blogs. These banners display Clickbank ads. Once you generated a sale you can make commission.

How to optimize your blogs?

As you might know off page optimization is very important. I think building links back to your blogs is important. You can do directory submission, article submission and blog commenting. Or you can participate in forum discussions and do not forget to place a link in the signature.

I can say for sure this is not a get quick rich scheme you have to build inbound links to get ranked in the search engine and there is the chance that Google snatch your blogs when you add more than 10 blogs per account. So be careful.


How to make 1000 usd per month online.

1] If you like to write and there is no chance you get struck by a writer’s block. And then you can make 1000 usd per month with writing 333 articles. There is a site called If you like to make 2000 usd per month with writing 666. This is a great site you also can sell affiliate products.

2] Make websites and place Google ads on it. I made hundred dollars with this method there is another 16 dollars and it is growing. If you want to make serious money then you have to buy a good domain name, quality content and traffic pulling link bait to get the targeted traffic.

3] Sell your own e-book: The best to go to e-bay and sell your e-book there. If you publish your book with a publishing company there is less chance than making 1000 usd per month with You can sell articles too.

5] Start an authority content blog: If you can buy a high pr domain name with traffic and add content frequently and write reviews you can make 1000 usd for sure in one month. I have made thousands of dollars this way. I started with a free domain and then I had my blog hosted on with a custom domain. I also made money with Adsense and affiliate products through blogs that I own.

6] Make Youtube videos If you have a video camera utilize this by making videos for Youtube you can make money by partnering with Youtube. There are people making big money with this method. There are videos with millions of page views per day. There is the potential to make money by creating funny videos this is the most popular on Youtube.

7] Start an e-bay business: There are millions of people logging everyday into the site of e-bay. There is the chance that a well marketed product has the potential to be bought by millions of people. I think e-bay is a great place to make money online.

The best is to create more than one income stream by creating multiple business and putting in the proper effort to make more than 1000 usd per month. I can recommend you to start a blog and make money with reviews first. I think even if you sign up with e-how you can make 1000 usd after you write 333 articles. I think this is a huge amount if you have to write it. I think you can gain more profit with those articles if you place it on a blog.


Five link building strategies and how they influence your SEO.

If you are new to link building then this might confuse you but if you already know something about link building then you might know or do not know that off page optimization is crucial for an online marketer to succeed in promoting to convert the prospects. If you like to gain more exposure with search engine optimization then you can read the five link building strategies here below.

Method #1: One way linking: This is when you create a link from an other site to your site for example you write a comment on a high pr blog and they approve the link and you have created an inbound one way link. There are more one way linking methods such as directory submission, forum posting, rss submission. Another effective way to build one way links is to write articles and submit to article directories.

Method #2: Two way link building: This is when you exchange links with a similar site as yours to boost the search engine exposure. This is not looked at with much value in the algorithms. That means not much of link juice you will be getting from two way links. This is also frowned upon by the search engines. I suggest that you keep your two way links up to 10%.

Method #3: Three way link building: This is when you link site A to B and B to C and C to A. This is forbidden by the search engines so watch out. This way you can build links that links to each other. This brings confusion to the search engines. If you do not know about three way link building the better. It is an evil way of building links. The search engines will penalize your site for doing this.

Method #4: Social networking and content sharing: This is when you share your links on the sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. This can bring you a flood of traffic if you social bookmark your site on social bookmarking sites.

Method #5: Linkbait: This is when you write about current events. Also when you give away free e-books to get traffic to your site. It is when you write quality content which other site owners want to let their readers read.

Conclusion: If you take some of these link building methods to a level which is something that you daily then you can gain exposure in the search engines. Only you have to watch out for some methods that get your site penalized.


free tools to start a blog.

If you like to make money online and then you can consider making money online with blogging all for free. If you want to make money with blogging you will need a blog. It is easy to get a blog, once you got a blog you need to add regularly content. It is important to have backlinks to your site to gain exposure in the search engines.

How to start a blog: If you want a blog in an instance. Then go to and create in easy 3 steps a blog. If you want blog automatically you can create free blogs and download free autoblogging software. Then you can build 100′s of blogs and place ads to make money online. If you like to make money online with selling ad space then go to  mad ads media and sign up as a publisher. If you can make auto blogs the place ads on all of the blogs and it will be generating money.

How to pick a topic to blog about: If you are wondering what type to blog topic to pick to blog about then consider where your interests lay. If you are for example you are interested in making money with Forex then you can pick a domain name with Forex in the domain name. If you are going to blogging about Forex try to get a domain. It is the best to optimize the blog for the keyword Forex. If you are going to buy a domain name with the .com extention it could be a long address.

How to build free links to a blog: If you can write articles to get free inbound links you can rank high in the search engines. With this free article submitter you can write quality content and send out to article directories. This is one of the best ways to ways to get inbound links when you submit make sure add a link back to your blog. You can participate in forums to get links back to the blog. Then you can include a  link in the signature. Also you can build links by directory submission this is a effective manner to generate traffic. Also you can build links back to your blog adding content regularly.

How to find long tail keywords to optimize a blog: If you are looking for long tail you can go to free keyword tool and type the main keyword in the box and just imagine what types of questions the prospect would ask and type in the search engine to find your site. If you want to start a blog about Forex then you would like to write a post to generate views the pick a topic and start with how to start a free Forex account. Then find out in the Google keyword tool how much page views it monthly locally and globally gets. And pick a set of low competition keywords.


Keyword research: How to find long tail keywords.

First of all we need to understand what keyword research is. It is using a tool to find out which keywords rank high in the search engines. So once the visitors are looking for information they will type the keyword(s) in the search engine then they can find relevant sites.

There are 3 kinds of keywords:

1] The “head”: These are keywords that are affiliated with big brand names like Facebook, Google or Wikipedia. So it makes no sense to optimize a site for these keywords.

2] The “body”: These are two or three words form a specific search terms. Like Internet marketing, Internet marketing strategies or Youtube funny videos.

3] The “Tail”: These are long tail keywords. They mostly form a question and it consist more words than above mentioned keywords kind. Such as how to start an affiliate website, what are new street trends. And so on.

Creating a basic keywords list.

So if you want to build a niche website to sell affiliate products or you want to rank for certain keywords then you have to write down what keywords you like to rank for. Make sure that you rank for set of specific keywords. Otherwise if you optimize your site for lots of keywords then you have no chance to rank for any keyword.

The best is to find seed keywords. These are keywords that represents the main topic of the niche site or blog topic. It is not hard to find related keywords. Here underneath you can find 5 ways to do that.

1] Think like a prospect: Brainstorm what type of keywords the customer would type in into the search engine to find your site.

2] See Google related search terms. You can find these related keywords at the bottom of the search results.
Just type the main keyword in the search box.

3] Use the Google Adwords contextual tool.

4] Browse Q&A sites like Yahoo answers: If you are looking for long tail keywords then the best is to browse Yahoo answers database. There are many questions asked. If you can give them an answer than you can gain trust from the visitors.

5] Use Google trends: This is a great tool to find out what the people will search for in the future. You can find related keywords that is on the rise.

I use the to find the related keywords. This is very easy and then I go for low competition keywords. I think this is a great tool to utilize to find the related keywords. This tool just can not fail.

BackPageDotComMSPHomePage640 ad posting software

If you like to make money online with posting ads then you have to take a peek at this software. Post 100′s of ads on the at the ads posting software.  If you like to make money online with clickbank. You can post Clickbank products on

This ad generating software the keeps blasting 100′s of ads daily to If you like to know how to make money online with posting is simple. The only thing you need is this ad generating software. You can save lots of time by creating ads with an ease. I think this ad generator is unmissable if you are willing to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The advantages of ads generator: If you are going to create 100 ads per day manually then I am happy it is not me. I can recommend you this software if you are like to make money as an affiliate with promoting products then this software can be part of your tools you need to save time and effort. The best is to take a look at the this software and compare a bit with other software which is on the market.

I have personally posted ads on I have done this manually that only means that you never can write ads like you do with a software. The trick is to get targeted traffic. This you can get sites like through a thorough ad posting activities. You have to post the maximum amount of ads to see result. I think there is a certain time have to pass before you see result.

If you have multiple income streams online then you can ensure your self a full time income. So you will have to make it more time efficient. This software is a great tool to save time to focus on other online money making streams.

5 ways to make money online without a website.

If you consider the topic of making money online it remains one of the undisputed matters that is popular in the blogsphere. People like to know how to make money online fast and easy. Many try to make money online with gambling and other promote affiliate products. There is an amount of money involved when you starting out. There are lots of people who have invested without much success. In this post you can find ways to make money online without selling.

Youtube videos: You can make youtube videos and monetize it with ads once the ads are clicked you will make a certain amount. Youtube videos have been a great tool for on and offline businesses to get more leads. If you like to make money without selling you can make Youtube videos to get targeted leads. The visitors of the videos can sign up through the link in the description.

Write articles: If you are already into content creation you will know that you can make good money writing for blogs and writing to get paid online. There are freelance sites that pays you to write and meet deadlines. If you can reach deadlines and you can be in control to set your own hours and you can be your own boss.

Start a blog: You already have advantage if you like to write. If you like to write you start a blog. It would not cost you anything. Just go and sign up for a free account. I have this blog with 90 short fifty words posts. It has generated 19000 plus page views. This is a blog. If you add 6 posts in a week you will get lots of traffic and backlinks.

Get a free Forex account with 100 usd deposit: I have signed up 3 month ago. This company called PreLaunch x. Actually that is not a company, but the company behind

this project is the Forex Firm X. The Forex firm X is in the prelaunch. That is why this site is called Once the company is launched you will be able to
manage your self. I am making 400 usd commission as an affilliate every month and the brokers have made extra 54 usd. I made 1340 usd in bonuses as an affiliate.
If you like to join for free click on the link.
Use to get gigs: If you can find gigs on and do this gigs for 5 bucks you can do 10 gigs per day. If you do the math it is 50 usd in one day. Or you manage between two people. You find the people on freelance sites for jobs offered and you find on someone who is willing to do this for five bucks. This way you can make huge amounts of money. With few emails you are able to make huge amounts of money.

How to make money online with Adsense.

If you like to make money online then you can try Google Adsense. This is getting paid for clicks that has been generated by the visitors to your site. You can show ads on your site and when visitors arrive they click on the ads you make money per click.

How can I apply for an Adsense account?

If you like to sign up for an Adsense account then click here. You can choose what type of ads you like to display on your site. This means that you can choose to display ads of different formats and you can display text and image ads on your site.

How much can I make with Adsense?

It depends on how much clicks your ads generate and how much the clicks costs. If you have a high click through you will make more depending on how much the clicks cost. If you generate 1000 page views you will be paid a predetermined amount. The best is to focus on traffic to get the targeted clicks. There are some Adsense ads that pay you lots of money. If your site is about lawyers you can make lots of money if you can generate lots of targeted traffic.

How to generate high paying clicks?

If you optimize your site for certain keywords then there is the chance that Adsense ads will display ads about the optimized topic. If your site is about making money online then optimize your site for Adsense ads for example. If you write about Google Adsense your site will display the ads you optimize your site for.