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How to make money online with posting on Craigslist as a Clickbank affiliate.

If you like to make money online then I would like to introduce making money online on Craigslist as an Clickbank affiliate. You can post classified ads on Craigslist and make money as an affiliate. When you write an ad to post on Craigslist it need to be clean and trustworthy. When you write an ad copy consider describing true facts and not false information. This can harm your credibility as an expert in your niche. Give the visitors information about the products how it can be beneficial to the customer.

Step 1. Go to Clickbank and sign into your affiliate account and click on the link “Marketplace”. at the top of the page.

Step 2. Fill in the keywords in the search box and find products that sell well. You can find products that converts by gravity or commission.

Step 3. To create an affiliate link you can use the promote button and there will be pop-up window which appears on the screen. Then click the “create” button.

Step 4. You can copy the HTML code this is your affiliate link. And believe me this link is ugly looking like a bat from hell. Use to shorten this URL. This is more secure because there is also affiliate link hacking going on the net.

Step 5. If you go to and click the “For Sale” link in the middle of the main page. In the upper right corner is the “Post” link.

Step 6. For the category you wish to post the classifieds ad in click the radio button and after that click “Continue” button. For the geographical area you wish to advertise to advertise your affiliate product and click “Continue”. That is on the next page.

Step 7. If you go to the “Posting Description” text area and copy the Clickbank affiliate HTML code. If you like to create a custom text replace the “Click Here” with your own.


Step 8. Write the details like posting title, price, your email address describe the product in clear words and why potential customers should buy it.

Step 9. ¬†You can add images by clicking the “Add/Edit images” button. Beneath that area it shows four image spots. When you click the “Choose File” button to browse you can browse the computer for an image. The best option is to use a cool, crisp image that shows the product you are promoting. It is possible to add four separate images to the ad.

Step 10. You can click the “Continue” button to review the ad. After that click the “Continue” button again when you are on the next page. Then there after you will receive your e-mail and click a link in the confirmation email that Craigslist sends you before the ad is live on the site.