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How to find longtail keywords?

To generate much traffic you need a set of long tail keywords to optimize your content for. You can enter these keywords into the title or in the content. There is the tool called Google Keyword tool to find relevant keywords phrases to optimize your content for. If you decide to start a online money making blog then you need to enter “make money online” into the Google Keyword tool. The tool will generate the relevant keywords.
Before we continue we need to understand what keyword research is. It is using a keyword tool to find out which keywords rank higher in the search engines. When the visitor want to find information about making money online then they will enter the main keywords in the search engines. 
Here are 3 kinds of different keyword types.

1] The “head”: These are keywords that has to do with big brand names like Google, Wikipedia or Coca-Cola. It is pure non sense to optimize a site for these keywords. Only these sites rank high in the search engines for these “head” keywords. 
2] The “body”: These are keywords that form a specific search terms with 2 or 3 words. Like Internet marketing, funny Youtube videos or Internet marketing strategies. 
3] The “tail”: These are long tail keywords. They are mostly in a form of a question. They consists in more words than the above mentioned keyword types. For example “how to start a web shop?” or “how to set up a website?”.
How to create a basic keyword list.

In case you have set your mind to creating a niche affiliate website or you like to generate traffic to a certain link then write down the keywords you like to rank for. Make sure you optimize a site for certain set of keywords. If you plan to enter too much keywords then there is the chance that you would not rank for any keyword. 
The best is to find seed keywords. These are the main keywords that represent the topic of the site or blog. It is not much of work to find these related keywords. Here below you can find 5 different ways to find the keywords. 
1] Think like a prospect: write down the keywords what you can imagine what the visitors will type into the search engines to find your site. 
2] Check Google related search terms. Once you type in the search engine the main keywords you can find the related search terms at the bottom of the page.
4] You can search Q&A sites for longtail keywords on sites like Yahoo answers. Browse Yahoo answer database for questions that people asked. Write text to answer these questions and you can generate traffic to these content on a blog or a website.
5] Use the Google trends tool to find new ranked search terms. You also can find what will be popular search terms in the future.