How to make money online with Adsense.

If you like to make money online then you can try Google Adsense. This is getting paid for clicks that has been generated by the visitors to your site. You can show ads on your site and when visitors arrive they click on the ads you make money per click.

How can I apply for an Adsense account?

If you like to sign up for an Adsense account then click here. You can choose what type of ads you like to display on your site. This means that you can choose to display ads of different formats and you can display text and image ads on your site.

How much can I make with Adsense?

It depends on how much clicks your ads generate and how much the clicks costs. If you have a high click through you will make more depending on how much the clicks cost. If you generate 1000 page views you will be paid a predetermined amount. The best is to focus on traffic to get the targeted clicks. There are some Adsense ads that pay you lots of money. If your site is about lawyers you can make lots of money if you can generate lots of targeted traffic.

How to generate high paying clicks?

If you optimize your site for certain keywords then there is the chance that Adsense ads will display ads about the optimized topic. If your site is about making money online then optimize your site for Adsense ads for example. If you write about Google Adsense your site will display the ads you optimize your site for.

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